Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Guys and Sports and Style - Sport Clips Hair Cuts for Men {Review}

Why should we gals get all the pampering? A guy likes to feel a little special now and then as well, right? There are so many salons and spas designed to cater to our feminine desires, I was quite intrigued to hear about a new place in town designed to cater to a more masculine style of pampering.

Sport Clips is a chain of more than 1000 franchised locations across North America, offering hair cuts for men and boys, in a sports-themed environment. Their stylists are specifically trained in the latest men's hair styles, and are happy to offer your cut with or without the chit-chat.  Over the holidays we visited Toronto's Sport Clips Leaside location, on Bayview Avenue, to get all my guys spiffied up for Christmas celebrating.

First impressions? It was a little like walking in to a locker room, but a really clean and fresh-smelling one. There is a huge flat screen TV in the waiting area for your ballgame entertainment while you wait your turn. No appointments are necessary, so you can just add your name to the list at the counter. This drop-in service is great for busy guys on the go.

Basic black, red and white is the colour scheme, with metal lockers and sports all around. Every station has a flat-screen TV so you can watch a game while getting your cut. 
 Decor is personalised to our local teams of course.
At the rear of the shop is a room dubbed the "Showers." This area contains massaging heat chairs of the sort we ladies enjoy during a pedicure, except these are for the shampoo. The signature service at Sport Clips is the MVP Experience, and it includes a precision cut, followed by a shampoo and scalp massage, hot towel treatment, and finally a relaxing neck and shoulder massage. The experience takes just 20 minutes, but if you're in a rush, you can always opt for just the Varsity Cut, without the MVP frills.

The lighting in the shampoo area is kept low and calming. All three of my guys, even Little Boo, really enjoyed the experience and loved the hot towel. We weren't sure Boo would want the towel, but he wasn't about to be left out. The stylist was careful to cool down the towel a little before applying it to his more delicate face. All of the stylists were very comfortable with guys of all ages.

 Sport Clips Leaside uses these Paul Mitchell Tea Tree products. The scent is great for guys - fresh and clean, not flowery. The leave-in conditioner does double-duty as a skin moisturiser, which is great in this cold, dry, winter weather. 
We had a great experience and found the stylists very skilled and really careful to listen to what each of my guys wanted. The Teen was happy to hear that there's a location near where he goes to school, and he plans to check that out to keep his cut fresh this semester while he's away. Oh! And Sport Clips offers a free neck trim between cuts to tidy up your look between regular visits. The atmosphere is fun and welcoming, and a relaxing treat for the special guys in your life.
Looking Good! He even got the spikes he asked for.
 You can keep in touch with Sport Clips Leaside on Facebook, or visit their website for all the information on their services, hours, etc.
To find a Sport Clips location near you, visit the main Sport Clips Canada website.

Please note: All three of my guys did indeed enjoy the MVP Experience. The smallest is just the only one who will allow me to post pictures of him here. Sigh. And, apparently, going to get your hair cut with your mom hanging around is incredibly embarrassing when you're 18. My bad.

Disclosure: My boys were provided with complimentary MVP experiences to facilitate this review. All opinions on this blog, as always, remain my own or those of my family. My boys look great! 


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