Tuesday, January 28, 2014

In Praise of Snow Pants

Once upon a time I believe I did enjoy winter. There are even some pictures to prove it, like my brother and me in our snowsuits on top of a 10 foot tall snow bank. I remember, vaguely, the feeling of excitement as we prepared to go skating on the pond down the road. And oh how we loved building our rather dangerous and questionable "luge" runs from the neighbour's lawn down to ours, and the snow forts dug into the side of a huge snow bank. Even as a teen I was willing to toboggan, if some cute boys would be there.

But these days the prospect of snow and cold weather leaves me shivering and reaching for my blankie. I think the difference is the snowsuits. It's been years since I owned a snowsuit, or the grown-up version, ski pants. So, did I grow to hate winter because I didn't own snow pants, or did I not own snow pants because I hated winter? Chicken? Egg? Who knows.

What I do know is that at some point in the fall, probably on a chilly day in early November, it suddenly occurred to me that this brilliant idea of moving Boo to our neighbourhood school and walking back and forth every day was definitely not going to feel so brilliant in January.


For him it's not so bad, since he always has proper snow gear. For me? Frozen legs and frost bite loomed in my future. Could I drive him around the corner to school? The thought did cross my mind.

Thus began my search for snow pants. Being a short gal, this was not the easiest task as all the available options in local stores were about 4 inches too long. But I persevered and went online. For the record, Land's End has petite length snow pants and they fit just right. I look like I have tree trunks for legs, and I make swishy noises when I walk, but my legs are warm, gosh darn it.

I am in love! With the pants, not winter. Let's be clear on that. But I can now walk comfortably back and forth to school.  I can even stay warm and dry while I build a snowman with Boo in the backyard. Next up - skating at the local outdoor rink.

Maybe winter can be fun after all. If you give up all hope of staying fashionable ...

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