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A to Z of Children's Health {Giveaway}

Growing up we had this huge, red book on our shelf. It was a medical reference guide, and I remember my mom, and later me, poring through it to investigate possible causes for any symptoms my brother or I might be experiencing. Should we go to the doctor or not? How contagious is this? These were important questions and it was good to have a quick place to get some answers. But I also remember it had no pictures. It was all dry, black and white text, with semi-helpful descriptions of what made a chicken pox rash different from a measles rash.

Needless to say, this ancient 1970's volume is massively out of date today. But I have a new volume in my mom arsenal of resources - The A to Z of Children's Health, written by paediatric experts at Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children. Released in October 2013, this is a thoroughly up-to-date and comprehensive guide, including information on over 235 childhood conditions from birth to age 10. Everything is arranged alphabetically and conditions are accompanied by full-colour photos and detailed illustrations. These are incredibly helpful, as a visual is always easier to understand than a text description. The volume also includes an index, so you can quickly look up a symptom that way and find where it is addressed.

The A to Z of Children's Health includes information on everyday concerns, such as insect bites and constipation, as well as discussions of topics like developmental delay, precocious puberty, and ASD. Sections explaining the differences between the common cold and the flu and what the different colours of vomit could mean are particularly helpful. Lice, fevers, diaper rash, sleep problems, nightmares, and more are all covered.

We've been pretty healthy lately, but back in the fall Boo suddenly developed a strange, itchy, red rash on his torso, that quickly spread to his arms and face. I brought him to a clinic and was told it was some type of viral rash and not to worry, unless a fever developed as well, and then I should bring him back. So, I decided to check out this volume to see if it would have helped me. I looked up "rashes" in the index and found a big section (pages 309-321) dealing with rashes in infants and older kids. Not every possible rash could be covered of course, but common ones are included. The images allowed me to confirm that we were not looking at chicken pox or hives, so the two probably most likely culprits were ruled out. The information did point to a viral rash and that no specific treatment would be required. I may have still brought him to a doctor just in case, but ruling out an allergic reaction (hives) and the dreaded chicken pox certainly helped my peace of mind in the meantime!

Written by the Hospital for Sick Children's Drs. Jeremy Friedman, Natasha Saunders, and Norman Saunders, and published by Robert RoseThe A to Z of Children's Health is available now and retails for $27.95.

A Giveaway

One lucky Raising My Boys reader will be receiving their own copy of this book. Entries are via the Rafflecopter widget below and will be accepted until 12:00 midnight EST, February 15. Giveaway is open to Canadian residents only, excluding Quebec.  Best of luck!

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