Thursday, March 06, 2014

Fun for Active Kids with Evolve Skate Camp

Do you have a young thrill seeker in your life? A kid who loves to play outdoors and wants to take it up a notch from riding their bike around the 'hood?  Maybe they've already been eyeing the skate boards and you're a little worried about safety and making sure they have the right skills and equipment to enjoy themselves safely? Well, there's a camp for that.

Evolve Skate Camp is a Toronto-based company, run by experienced skate boarders and camp professionals. They offer instruction to true beginners through more advanced skaters. Their model is interesting as they visit different GTA skate parks on each day of camp, so the kids get to experience different locations with different ramps and other equipment. All campers are picked up and dropped off in their own neighbourhood by the Evolve bus, so parents don't need to worry about transportation. One less thing to schedule!

Boo and I recently attended an event put on by the guys at Evolve, and he loved it. He does own a skateboard but hasn't had lessons yet, and since he's pretty timid he really hasn't done more than stand on it. By the end of a couple of hours Boo was able to push and glide himself along for short distances, and became pretty good at using his foot to flip the board up to grab.

I found the instructors really patient, and they had an excellent rapport with the kids. I really appreciated the emphasis they put on safety. Safety comes first, then the fun. Mom likes hearing that! Campers are assessed for their current skill level on the first day of camp and are placed in groups accordingly. The ratio is 8-1 to give great personal attention. Also, with safety in mind, no camper is forced to try a trick or move with which they aren't comfortable. The option is there to sit out a particular challenge, which I think is pretty respectful of the kids and their comfort levels.

You can find all the details on Evolve Skate Camp at their website. They have 6 weeks of summer day camps, and have added a March Break Camp this year for the first time. The March Break Camp still has some space available if you're looking for a last minute registration. That one will be held at Downsview Park for the full week.

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