Sunday, March 09, 2014

March Break at the Ontario Science Centre

There's a lot going on the Ontario Science Centre this March Break. The March Break Camps have been full for a while (popular!), but if you are looking for a day trip in Toronto, or planning your staycation activities, check out these highlights:

Bringing Light to Life: Celebrate life on earth in this playful look at evolution presented by the internationally-renowned black-light theatre company Famous People Players. This show is a quick journey – and celebration – through the amazing changes that have led to life as we know it.

Radical Motions: The physics of a GR8 SK8 Skateboarders have great skills but also powerful allies: force, momentum, gravity, torque and friction. We’ll see how riders from the C.J. Skateboard Park & School use science in modern day skateboarding.

What’s The Matter? An explosive exploration of solids, liquids & gases. Expect the unexpected as we present some of our most spectacular science demonstrations. Be prepared for exciting visuals and (very) loud noises.

Boo and I visited on Friday to get a sneak peek at the latest touring exhibit "Sultans of Science: 1000 Years of Knowledge Rediscovered."  This is a return engagement, the second time the exhibit has come to the OSC, and it has a number of new additions.  There's a model of a 9th century flying machine and one of a 12th century elephant clock - a kinetic sculpture that marked time on the half hour through a complicated mechanics of water, strings, and a ball.  And what about 12th century robotics? This exhibit has that as well.  It really was an eye-opening exhibit for Boo, as his first encounter with the long history of science, medicine, and technology. After watching a short video titled "From Alchemy to Chemistry" he's even decided he wants to be a chemist one day.

Get all the details on March Break fun, including show times, for these and other fun activities at

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