Friday, May 09, 2014

Reward Yourself! You Deserve It. #LeanCuisineCA

I often find myself picking up little rewards for Boo to celebrate an achievement, or even just to acknowledge and thank him for being patient through a boring shopping trip or long drive. He had a dental appointment last week, and he was so good through the driving and the waiting and the teeth cleaning and inspection. Then he had to come run an errand with me. One that had nothing to do with him, but required a visit to a busy store. So I picked him up some french fries for a treat. Ok, maybe I wanted some too, but I wouldn't have gotten them just for me. I do this for Hubs too. Tough week at work? I pick up steaks and asparagus for Friday night dinner. A meal he loves congratulates him for making it through and gives him a chance to relax and enjoy.

Do I reward myself for a job well done or a day survived? Not as often. Are my preferred rewards all about food? Perhaps :) Food, drink, and TV are often what I'll choose for myself. A glass of wine or cup of tea at the end of a long day. Or I might reward myself with an evening catching up on my favourite TV shows, giving myself permission to ignore the housework after a day of work in the garden. Sometimes, I'll even reward myself with a pedicure, which always feels great! Whatever it is, big or small, a product, treat, or experience, we all deserve to be rewarded from time to time. As moms, especially, we often forget this, so I think it's great when a brand we use anyway comes up with a way to help us reward ourselves.

Chicken a l'Orange - one of my faves
Lean Cuisine frozen meals have long been one of my go-to fixes for lunch on a busy day. This was especially true when I worked in an office, since they are so convenient to toss in my bag in the morning and then heat in the microwave come lunch. At 2 or 3 or whenever I managed to grab some time. But even now at home I keep some in the freezer for those crazy days when I'm running between appointments and school volunteering and walking the dog and whatever else. There's a pile of options (more than 20 varieties!) and they provide a great portion-controlled balance of proteins, grains and vegetables in just minutes, so they fit my life really well.

Bonus - in addition to convenient and tasty meals, Lean Cuisine Rewards Program means you can earn points on every purchase and redeem those points for great Rewards. Each Lean Cuisine frozen entree comes with a PIN inside, and once you sign up online for the Rewards Program, you can start entering PINs and saving points for anything from a free entree (1000 points) to a full set of Lagostina cookware (225,000 points).  I'm a big fan of rewards programs, so this appeals to me. The available Rewards include luggage, fitness equipment, small appliances, electronics, and more. There are even gift cards for Loblaws, Metro, Walmart, and other major stores.

Maybe you'd like to Reward yourself with one of these:
Grab a movie at Cineplex - (6,000 points)
Enjoy some spa time with a $25 SpaFinder gift card (14,000 points)

Or relax with the perfect cup of tea, made with your new Hamilton Beach Stainless Steel Kettle
(23,100 points)
So many options to choose from! You can head on over to the Lean Cuisine Rewards website to learn more.

How do you reward yourself at the end of a long day?

Bonus PINs

Lean Cuisine has given me 5 bonus PIN codes to share with my readers. Each PIN may be redeemed for one free Lean Cuisine entree, or the points can be saved to redeem later for a larger reward. You will need to register online with the Lean Cuisine Rewards Program in order to claim your points. Leave a comment on this post telling me how you reward yourself and, on May 13 at 9am EDT, I'll randomly choose five readers to send these PIN codes to. (Must be a Canadian resident!) Please be sure to include a method for me to contact you. Cheers!

Disclosure: This post was generously sponsored by Lean Cuisine Rewards, but the opinions, as always, are my own. For more information, visit

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