Tuesday, May 20, 2014

What's a Plusability?? #PGMom #Plusabilities

You all know that giving back and helping in my community is an important value of mine. I particularly like it when my purchases and favourite brands provide assistance to causes I support. And you may remember my weekly series from last year on my de-cluttering efforts (Minimize Mondays), and the slews of gently used clothing, toys, and household items that we donated to charities to help those in need. This is an ongoing effort, and we always have a clear recycling bag ready for items to be donated. This coming weekend, I have a new place to bring our latest bag of goodies!

P&G has released a new Tide Plus collection, bringing you the amazing clean of Tide with added benefits (plus!), like Febreze scent and Downy softness. To commemorate the launch of this new collection, Tide is taking Plusabilities to the next level, encouraging Canadians to fling out the old and bring in the new! To help us in our efforts, and to help those in need, a Tide truck will be visiting popular family attractions in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal over the next few weeks, picking up gently used clothing donations to celebrate new beginnings with its not for profit partner, Goodwill.

Ready to purge the wardrobe and donate? This change of season is a great time for it, and be sure to involve your kids when you select items for donation. Have them go through their clothes and identify what doesn't fit or any items they no longer wear. Explain to them why you are donating, and whom their donations will help. Then by making these donations to Goodwill during Tide Clothing Donation Day events, you’re not only de-cluttering your home, you’re also teaching your kids the value of giving back and the ripple effect, or Plusabilities, behind a simple good deed. 

For instance, giving your threads a second life through Goodwill can:
  • Give someone confidence going to a job interview
  • Make a kid smile going to class with a cool pair of sneakers
  • Enable skills development and employment and work experience for those who face employment barriers
  • Support community-based programs through the funds raised, as Goodwill donates 82 per cent of its revenue
To thank Canadians for their support, when they drop off a donation they’ll receive a Tide Plus coupon booklet so they can experience more of the Tide they love at home.

Tide Truck Schedule:

Canada’s Wonderland
Saturday, May 24 & Sunday, May 25

Toronto Zoo
Saturday, May 31 & Sunday, June 1
Saturday, June 7 & Sunday, June 8

Granby Zoo
Saturday, May 24 & Sunday, May 25
Saturday, May 31 & Sunday, June 1
Saturday, June 7 & Sunday, June 8

La Ronde
Saturday, June 7 & Sunday, June 8

British Columbia
Science World
Saturday, May 24 & Sunday, May 25

Pacific National Exhibition
Saturday, May 31 & Sunday, June 1
Saturday, June 7 & Sunday, June 8

For more event details, visit facebook.com/Tide.

Introducing the NEW Tide Plus Collection

Tide Plus Febreze Sport – the #1 sports detergent that is specially designed for sports apparel now offers a deeper clean and tackles tough stains, while leaving behind the fresh scent of Febreze.*
Tide Plus Ultra Stain Release – supercharged with specially formulated ingredients to help remove 99% of everyday stains, including greasy food stains. It also boasts the innovative “Zap! Cap,” a unique pretreat cap with scrubbing bristles to provide a deep-down, pre-treat option. The cap features two textures: bristles for deep down scrubbing and a flatter portion to spread the detergent around.
Tide Plus Bleach Alternative- designed to give you whiter and brighter fabrics after one wash.*
Tide Plus Febreze Freshness- Thanks to innovative dual-scent pearl technology, your day will be filled with bursts of freshness that activate with your movement for 3x longer-lasting scent!*
Tide Plus A Touch of Downy – formulated with special ingredients that provide softening benefits throughout the wash and includes scent pearls for a comforting, long-lasting scent and fresher clean.*
Tide Plus Coldwater Clean- Help save money on your energy bills and get a brilliant clean for your clothes by washing in cold.*

We totally could have used this for the Teen's football and rugby uniforms!
But it will still come in handy for Boo's stinky karate gi.

Tide Plus Bleach Alternative & Tide Plus Febreze Sport: vs. previous formula
Tide Plus Coldwater Clean: Convert warm/cold to cold/cold cycle, medium load in top-load machine, w/ electric water heater.
Tide Plus A Touch of Downy & Tide Plus Febreze Freshness: vs. Tide Origi

Disclosure: I am a P&Gmom. As part of my affiliation with this group I receive products and special access to P&G events and opportunities. The opinions on this blog, as always, remain my own.

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