Sunday, June 15, 2014

Let Your Imagination Go with Hot Wheels Connectors #HWTrackBuilder

What boy doesn't love Hot Wheels? Actually, I shouldn't exclude girls from that statement. As a kid I loved playing with cars and tracks as much as my brother did. And I still enjoy setting up the tracks and playing with my boys. Boo was stoked when Mattel invited us to join the Hot Wheels Connectors Club and offered to send us a kit of product to try. We do have quite a bit of track, and about a gazillion cars already, seeing as he inherited his brother's collection as well. One of the things I love about this new Track Builder collection is a new innovation in Hot Wheels® connectivity, which expands the opportunity for play with both existing and new tracks. So we can pull out his older sets and build even bigger creations!
Building and playing with Hot Wheels tracks and cars
Curves, straightaways, loop-dee-loops, launchers and more. We received a great selection of add-ons as well as a core set. Boo spent a lot of time building and experimenting. The car doesn't have enough thrust to reach the end of the track? Ok, just add in an extra launcher on the straightaway after the loop. He also experimented with launching two or three cars at a time, but that wasn't so successful.

The connectors slip in easily between two pieces of track, and then can snap away quickly when you're ready to store your track for the day or try a new set-up. Boo found this easy to accomplish on his own, which means he can grab the tub of track and build whenever he wants, even if we're too busy to help.
Hot Wheels Digital Speedometer #spon
This Digital Speedometer takes 3 AAA batteries and gives you a read-out of your car's speed as it whizzes by.
I think this is Boo's favourite accessory.
Hot Wheels Quick Kick Loop #spon
The Quick Kick Loop gives your car a little kick to boost it through the loop-dee-loop.
Boo played with his set-up for about two hours the other night and was back at it again the next morning. Trying out different track configurations and seeing how different cars respond to his racing challenges has kept him creative and engaged. Which I totally love, as he's more often than not glued to a screen of some sort. I'm happy to see him building and learning ad working with his hands.

Are you up for a challenge? The Hot Wheels® Track Builder Challenge is a cross-national competition implemented to inspire children to build exciting, original and creative Hot Wheels® tracks. Participants will upload a picture of their track at, where they will be judged by an expert panel consisting of architects, engineers and creative specialists. The winner of the Hot Wheels® Track Builder Challenge will win a huge Track Party for them and their friends, hosted by Hot Wheels®. Plus, the contest website has a selection of great tips and tricks for building the coolest track ever! The contest will run from March to August, and the winner will be announced in September. Sounds like fun, right? Get building and enter to win! (Contest is open to Canadian residents only, excluding Quebec.)

Disclosure: I received complimentary product to facilitate this post No other compensation was received. All opinions on this blog, as always, remain my own (or those of my family).

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