Thursday, June 26, 2014

Telus Grand Gestures Campaign - Spreading Thanks #ActsOfCaring

With the end of the school year, I've been thinking a lot about thank yous and how to show our gratitude and appreciation for the teachers and school staff who have been so amazing and supportive with our Little Boo since September. We've had support team meetings, special accommodations, assignment of a school social worker, and just basic daily interventions to help him succeed. The dedication of these wonderful people has made a huge difference in his grade two experience, and we're looking forward to sharing some little surprises tomorrow to let them know how much their work means to us.

I asked Boo to make a card for his teacher. This is what he wrote, with no prompting or input from me.
TELUS, with their wonderful commitment to giving back in their communities, has found a pretty fabulous way to say thank you to some of their loyal customers, with much bigger surprises than we'll be giving at school. (And, by the way, isn't that a fun concept? Providing benefits to existing customers rather than offering perks to bring new customers in. Saying thank you goes a long way towards building a positive relationship, and I know I certainly appreciate when my loyalty is noticed.)

Recently TELUS gave one loyal customer, Ramona, a super big surprise to thank her for being such a great customer for almost 20 years. She had told TELUS that she loves aviation, so the whole day was structured around her interests and desire to ride in an aerial stunt plane – she even got to fly it!

You have to see this video. Her joy is so apparent, and how wonderful that she got to fulfill her dream.  I might have been having heart palpitations watching this, but Go Ramona!

You can view more at the TELUS YouTube channel.

I think my dream day would look a lot tamer than Ramona's. (Isn't she awesome?!) Maybe an indulgent day at the spa, while a team of pros cleaned my house and a wonderful chef cooked a gourmet meal to serve when I arrive home. Hmmm. That does sound good. Just putting it out there. You know. In case anyone's listening ;)

TELUS didn't stop with Ramona’s special day. The TELUS Care-a-Van team spent last week in Guelph, hosting a series of events to thank local customers and the Guelph community.  One hundred of their top customers were personally thanked with a hand-delivered care package, and 1000 customers and their families were treated to a free BBQ lunch at the local TELUS store. As part of the campaign, TELUS is also donating $5 to the Guelph Children's Foundation for every use of the hashtag #actsofcaring on social media. They presented a cheque for $5000!!

I truly appreciate the TELUS philosophy of "Give Where We Live." The more I learn about their charitable, community, and environmental initiatives, the more I'm becoming attached to their brand. I believe it's important for corporations to give back and share their successes with the people who got them there. After all, where would they be without the customers? Kudos TELUS!

Disclosure: I am part of the TELUS Grand Gestures Campaign, and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this campaign. The opinions on this blog, as always, remain my own.

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