Friday, June 20, 2014

The End of the Year

We've almost made it. Just one more week of school to go.

I. Can't. Wait.

Does that sounds a little crazy? Maybe. I mean, my days will certainly be a whole lot different come July. One of the particular difficulties of having a singleton (The Teen is so much older, they are both really "only children") is that there is no built-in playmate. Boo's pretty good at entertaining himself, if that entertainment involves YouTube or a video game console, but I will not have that be his summer. He'll play with his buddy next door, and we'll go swimming and visit the beach and do day trips. We'll hang out in the backyard and bring the dog for nature walks. There may even be some crafts and science experiments. Who knows!

And I won't get a lot of work done. And my house will be a mess. But we'll be tired and happy and spending great time together.

I hope.

The summer might instead involve a lot of me yelling at him to put down the #$@^ game controller and go outside to play.

I have him registered in two weeks of day camps (karate and the zoo), and we have just over two weeks of vacation in Newfoundland. So, that's 4 of the 9 weeks covered off.  There'll be lots of time for fun, along with some downtime days - because sometimes we all need to just veg. (And because I may actually need to publish a post or two at some point. You'd miss me if I disappeared, right? Right?!)

Most of all, I am looking forward to not fighting with him five mornings a week to get out of bed and just get ready for school already!!!!! Mornings without an alarm. Without a deadline for being somewhere important. I can really get used to that. And when mornings don't have an alarm, evenings can be longer. Boo can stay up to look at the stars. We can take walks as a family after dinner, when it's a bit cooler. Yeah. That'll be nice too.

Do you think I'm seeing this all through some heavily rose-coloured glasses? Want to take bets on how long after school ends before I start counting the days til September? You may be right. But for now I'm looking longingly at the end of the school year and dreaming about warm, summer days full of adventure.

boy playing in the water at the beach
I can handle a lot of this.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to your kids being off? Or is the first day of school in September already circled on your calendar?

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