Monday, July 07, 2014

CAA Rewards - It's Not Just About Car Troubles #CAARewards

We all have to shop, right? Groceries are a given, but with growing kids there's a lot of clothing and footwear that needs replacing every season. Plus it's good to get out, see some sights, celebrate accomplishments with a nice restaurant meal. If I have to be spending this money anyway, I try to make choices that will send some extra benefits back my way.

I've been a CAA Member since 2000, but it was really only last year that I fully realised the benefits of my card. I'd heard about the CAA Rewards program, but hadn't looked into it. When I was invited to join a "Spot the Partner Challenge," I figured it would be a great learning experience for me. Boy was it ever!

Boo's favourite restaurant is East Side Mario's. Do you know how many times we've eaten there over the last 6 years? Well, now when we eat there I'm always sure to flash my CAA Membership so I can get my 10% savings off the bill. I had no idea!

With summer underway, be sure to check for savings on family attractions too. CAA Members save 10% on regular admission to the Toronto Zoo or African Lion Safari (at the gate) and 10% off at the Ontario Science Centre when you pre-purchase your tickets online or in a CAA Store.

In addition to money-off savings, a number of CAA Reward Partners offer money back in the form of CAA Dollars®. For example, shop online at the Body Shop (you know your skin needs some summer care!) through the CAA eStore, and receive up to 8% back. This money is deposited into your CAA account and can be used to offset the cost of your Membership renewal. Cool, right?

You can check out all of the CAA Rewards partners and special offers at If you are already a CAA Member, have you been taking advantage of these savings? Keep that card in your wallet, and have your number near your computer for those online shopping adventures. If you're not already a member, head on over to the CAA website to check out all of the benefits and sign up today! Roadside Assistance, Insurance, Travel, savings on your regular purchases, plus exclusive discounts and offers. Your CAA Membership is so much more than peace of mind on the road.

Disclosure: I am a member of the CAA Ambassador Program and receive special opportunities and benefits, including financial compensation, as part of this program. All opinions on this blog, as always, remain my own.

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