Tuesday, July 15, 2014

New: Ninjago Laser Training Camp at Legoland Toronto

Recently I was invited to the Legoland Discovery Centre in Vaughan to check out the newest addition to their attraction line-up. I brought Boo along for this one, to get a kid's eye view of the Ninjago Laser Training Camp. 
He even wore his Kai shirt for the occasion, and took advantage of this special photo opp.

This was his first visit to the attraction, so we spent a couple of hours there as he built and played, and we took in a couple of 4D movies as well (Crash Powers and Lego Racers). To be honest I couldn't figure out where the maze was, and I had to ask. Turns out it is on the way out of the play area, just before you exit into the gift shop.

First, Boo had a great time overall and really enjoyed building a race car in particular. Even though his car fell apart, and I won the race. He also loved the Merlin's Apprentice and Kingdom Quest rides. Flying high or shooting targets - both lots of fun.

The Ninjago Maze itself wasn't as exciting, or large as I had expected. It is a covered, straight hallway or room, and you have to get to the end of it within a minute, while breaking as few laser beams as possible. The maze can be set to different difficulty levels. I think this might be more entertaining if it were longer, or actually a maze, where decisions and direction changes were needed. I asked Boo what he thought, and it got an "ok," He wasn't interested in trying it again. The area around the maze is set up as a training centre, and there are Ninjago info posters, as well as a game with flashing coloured lights to test the speed of your perceptions and reflexes. Boo quite enjoyed that.

So, the attraction itself was a hit with my 8 year-old, although 2 hours was plenty to get his fill. The Ninjago Laser Maze was less fun, but other aspects of the training camp got a thumbs-up.

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