Friday, July 18, 2014

Shopping for Our Pooch

First off, who could resist this face?
beagle with soulful eyes

I mean, you can tell she gets everything she wants, right? Almost everything anyway. I refuse to share my bacon with anyone, even that cutie. 

As part of my thank you for working on the K9 Advantix post, Bayer Animal Health sent along a gift certificate to get Maxi some special toys and treats. Now that she's protected from fleas and ticks with her K9 Advantix treatments, she's free to frolic with her friends in the off-leash dog park. This present from Bayer let us get her some new toys to share with them.
Our gift certificate was for a great little shop on Dundas West, in Toronto, The Dog Bowl. This independent shop has a focus on eco-friendly, quality products for our pets, and stocks items manufactured as close to home as possible. They even offer free local delivery on orders of $40 or more. That's pretty awesome. 

A few of her new goodies
We found lots of well-known brands, such as Chuck-It and Kong, as well as some that were new to us, like the GlowDoggie light-up safety collars. They carry a range of foods, in addition to toys and gear, including raw and dehydrated options. (There's even a few things for the kitties.)

Wall of fun! Boo had a great time picking out some special treats for his girl.
Since Maxi loves chasing sticks and playing tug of war, Boo picked out a hollow, rubber stick for her. It's bright yellow too, so it's easy for us to find in the dog park if she abandons it somewhere. I like that it will last and she doesn't actually eat it. I don't know if eating the sticks she chases is good or bad for her, but it just seems wrong. She, however, loves it.
Tug of War is a fave game
We had fun at The Dog Bowl, and even more fun playing with Maxi and her new toys in our yard and at the dog park. The off-leash park is a great place for her to get exercise and socialise with other dogs. But with all that grass, and shrubs, and trees, and all those other pups, we do have to be cautious about fleas and ticks during the summer season. We feel confident knowing that she's protected with her K9 Advantix. So let's go play!

Disclosure: I have received complimentary product, including a K9 Advantix treatment for Maxi, as a thank-you for sharing this post with you. All opinions on this blog, as always, remain my own.

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