Thursday, August 21, 2014

IKEA Launches Hypnotizing Time Travel Experiment #IKEAtimetravel

Back in high school a hypnotist came to visit. The whole school gathered in the gym to watch the show, and several students were pulled from the audience to be his subjects. I was really eager to give it a go and was delighted when I was chosen. But apparently I am not a good hypnotism subject - it just didn't take. I was pretty disappointed, but at least I got to watch my classmates do silly things. In retrospect, that was probably more fun.

IKEA is using hypnotism in a different way, though also entertaining. They brought in world-renowned hypnotist Justin Tranz to work on a little time travel experiment. 

In this experiment, Tranz hypnotized a young couple and introduced them to a few possible scenes from their future life together, centering around their potential daughter and some interesting twists in her potential life. As life changes, so do our needs for our home.

What do you think? Of course, the scenarios underline the changes in your home that evolve as your family grows. “The everyday is exciting! It’s on those seemingly ordinary days life happens and changes. And when it does, so does our home”, says Johan Wickmark, Global Catalogue Manager. “In the new IKEA catalogue you can find solutions for every episode in life.”

Changing needs through the years are a given, and IKEA has furniture and accessories for everyone, from babies to adults. But I don't know if anyone could help me cope with my daughter's exhibitionist boyfriend moving in! Maybe a good dividing screen ...

Disclosure: This post has been brought to you by IKEA and Be On, and contains affiliate links. All opinions on this blog, as always, remain my own.

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