Friday, August 01, 2014

One Allergic Reaction Can Ruin Your Whole Day - Fight Back with Benadryl

I talk a good game about loving shoes, and I guess I do love them. I get excited by a pretty pair of high heels or a great wedge sandal. My mom always had a massive shoe collection, so I think I inherited that tendency from her. But, honestly, I'd just as soon be barefoot.
This makes pedicures a critical part of my summer!
For real. You should see my feet by the end of the summer. If I don't get regular pedicures, I'd give a Hobbit a run for his money. Rough and hardened. Barefoot in the backyard, at the beach, walking over to the neighbour's place. If I can get away with it and be able to enjoy the feel of grass or sand under my feet, I will. And that's all fine and well, until you step on a sharp rock, or broken glass. Or a wasp.

Not my actual wasp. But I'm sure they're related somehow.
Barefoot in my friend's backyard, my infant son in my arms, we wandered around checking out the progress of her garden. While admiring her tomato plants a sudden, burning, intense pain shot up through my foot. A brief scream, a near drop of the child as I hopped on the other foot, and I looked down to see my little black and yellow nemesis. Ouch he packed a punch! My friend helped me back to the deck and went to get me some ice.

That's when I suddenly, surprisingly, found out I am allergic to wasp stings. I felt my chest get tight, my throat swell, my stomach churn, and my fear heighten. Redness spread up over my ankle and my foot was on fire. In retrospect, we probably should have called 911, but luckily I survived anyway. We called my husband to come get me, and I took some medicine and a pain killer to get things under control. These days I carry an Epi-pen, as my reaction may worsen with future stings.  And I keep Benadryl on hand just in case too.

Whether combating symptoms from a milder allergic reaction, or fighting the more common seasonal allergy symptoms many of us face, an antihistamine is a critical component of your family's medicine cabinet. Do you know what to do when an allergic reaction strikes and how to avoid one?

Both Boo and I suffer from seasonal allergies, and the Teen used to as well, though he's grown out of the worst ones. Windows closed and A/C on is the best way to keep cool when pollens and other environmental irritants are your allergy triggers. And, as the infographic suggests - keep an eye on local pollen forecasts. It's great how common these forecasts have become over the last few years, helping to identify good and bad days to get outside.

How about you? Do you or members of your family suffer from any allergies? How do you deal with them?

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