Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Three Wishes

Today I have three wishes. What are they? Well, thank you for asking! Here you go...

1. I wish I were all caught up in my sponsored content and review posts. I'm not drastically behind, but I have a number of items in the queue and am struggling to find devoted time to write. This means that "life" posts are completely out of the question right now. Except for this one. Whatever. This post is like down time and maybe I'll get some commiseration :) Basically, summer and some difficult life events, as well as some much-needed vacation time have all taken their toll on my productivity. So, the fulfillment of this wish is highly dependent on the fulfillment of the next two.

2. I wish school would just start up again already.
There. I said it. And I'll bet I'm not alone. I have
loved spending this time with Boo, but I seriously need to get some work done. It seems that every time I get into a groove of writing he is calling out to ask for something. Or to tell me something. And I know I should be present for him, but, you see, I'm not on vacation like he is!! (We should have had twins.)

I find I am craving routine again and next Tuesday can't come soon enough.

But talk to me two weeks after that and I'll likely have changed my tune.

3. I wish my husband were healthy and home. This is the biggie. Wish number 2 will be fulfilled at
8:40am next Tuesday. Guaranteed.  Wish number 1 should be no problem shortly after that. (I am making progress already.) But getting Hubs home and healthy is a bigger question mark. I won't go into details, but suffice it to say he's been in hospital since mid-July and that has meant a lot of stress for the family, and a lot of driving back and forth to visit him and a lot of extra stuff for me to deal with around the house. So, his absence has taken a big toll on my productivity, but more importantly I am worried and want him to be well again and to be here with me where he belongs. So, positive thoughts appreciated!

Also, I guess I should be wishing for the elves to come and clean my house while I'm out, but that probably won't happen. My house is the lowest priority right now, so because of 1, 2, and 3 above it is a bit of a disaster. Not really dirty, but terribly messy.

And if my Internet would stop wonking out on me, that would be nice as well.

But we can't be greedy now can we?

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