Thursday, September 04, 2014

Habitat for Humanity - Back for Another Year #WB2014

I've been asked what motivated me to sign up for Habitat for Humanity's Women Build last year. Well, I'd been wanting to get involved with Habitat for a few years, but the timing never seemed right, and I wasn't sure how/if I could really contribute. I grew up surrounded by handymen, but beyond hanging pictures and painting walls, I didn't have a lot of experience myself. Demolition was a little more my thing - I really enjoyed tearing up flooring and tearing down layers of wall coverings in my 100-year old home, before my father and grandfather did the drywall and hardwood. Habitat's Women Build concept appealed to me because it felt less intimidating, though I'm not sure I really believed the no experience required part until I got on site. The crew leaders were awesome and really took care to show us what to do and how to do it efficiently and safely. Everyone was able to contribute to building these much needed homes.

One thing that really struck me was the positive energy on the build site and the excitement of all the women. It was powerful. And then I noticed all these messages written in Sharpie markers, inside the walls of the homes. Messages of love and encouragement and well wishes. Just thinking of all that love inside the walls of the homes kind of summed up for me what the Women Build was all about. These were the future homes of wonderful families in need of safe and secure places to live. Parents wanting to raise their kids with hope. It felt great to be part of this. There was no way I wasn't coming back! In spite of the fact that we were building on a rainy, muddy, messy day and actually had our build day cut short for safety reasons. 

Then I got to meet the family that owns the home I worked on, when I went to the key dedication event this past spring. They have a son just a little younger than Boo, and the two of them bonded over video games during all those grown-up speeches and such. Putting that personal face on the effort was incredible, especially when one of their daughters came over and touched my arm, to tell me a personal "thank you."  I wish every one of the volunteers could have experienced that!

Would you like to join me and enjoy some of these same amazing experiences? There's still some room to build with us on September 15 at the Brimley and Lawrence Ave. E. site. It is a day-long commitment, with check-in at 7:30am, and end time at 4:00pm. And there are spaces available on most other days in both Toronto and Brampton as well. Head over to for more information.

To join my team, visit the Raising My Boys Team Page, and click on "Join Team."
Select the option "VIP Reservations: Toronto." (next)
Select "RESERVED: Raising My Boys." (next)
Read and accept the waiver. (next)
You will see that you are joining this team. (next)
Fill in your contact information to register, or register with Facebook. Whichever you prefer!
Follow through the final details and email me at if you need any help.

Of course, if you aren't able to join in on the building experience, but would like to support the cause with a financial donation, you can make a donation online. 100% of all monies raised go directly towards home-building. All administrative costs for Habitat are provided by proceeds of Habitat's Re-Stores.

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