Saturday, September 20, 2014

Misperceptions about Conception

After years of trying to NOT get pregnant, I was finally ready. I had met my man, and although he came with a wonderful son in tow, we wanted more kids. So we decided to let nature take its course. Except nature had other ideas. Try as we might (and we were newly in love, so there was trying), a year went by and still no plus sign on that stick. We started to worry. 

And so began 4 years of fertility treatments and cycle mapping and basal body temperature charts and pills and needles and tests and stress. And there was a lot of reading and a lot of learning. Eventually, five years after the beginning of our journey, I became pregnant. The old fashioned way. It was part miracle, and part the result of my newly gained fertility knowledge and understanding of my body. We got it right!!

It's a bit surprising how much misinformation is out there on the topic of fertility and conception, and many women harbour false ideas of when they are most fertile. This can be a big issue for folks trying to avoid or accomplish pregnancy!  A new study from researchers at the Yale School of Medicine and the maker of First Response™, the leader of at-home women’s diagnostics tests, confirms that women may not be getting all the information on fertility they need. Check out some of the findings:

Major Findings

  • 40% of women surveyed, across all age groups, expressed concern about their ability to conceive.
  • Over one-quarter of women surveyed were unaware of the adverse implications of sexually transmitted infections, obesity or smoking on fertility.
  • 75% of those surveyed said they get their information about reproductive health from a healthcare professional, 40% said they get their information about sexual reproductive health online.

Interestingly, the study also revealed the following misperceptions in regards to the reproductive health of women:
  • 6 out of 10 women surveyed believed that intercourse should be timed after ovulation (instead of before) to maximize chances of conception.
  • 41% of women believed that their ovaries continue to make new eggs.
  • 51% of women believe that having sex more than once per day increases chances of getting pregnant. 
  • 30% of women were unaware that exposure to an STI may affect fertility.
For anyone trying to get pregnant, it is critical to know when you are about to ovulate  There are lots of ovulation prediction kits out there to help you get the timing right, but only the First Response™ Digital Ovulation Test tracks your own unique hormone levels, maximizing your chances of becoming pregnant.  Other ovulation tests use a preset "average" hormone level to determine the tell-tale LH surge you're looking for.
If you think you might be pregnant, you want to know for sure right away so you can make good choices and get right on the healthcare. You should already have started taking folic acid if you are actively trying to conceive, but maybe you haven't cut out alcohol completely (a good idea to do this though). I found out I was pregnant because I suspected it, and after a terrible week at work I wanted a beer. I was not having that beer if my suspicion was correct. With First to Detect™ enhanced technology, the First Response™ Digital Pregnancy Test can detect the pregnancy hormone 5 days before your expected period – no other test can do this.  Early warning system, right there :)

With accuracy ratings of over 99% with both of these tools, you can feel confident in the accuracy of your results.

Have you come across any interesting or worrisome misperceptions about conception? Or maybe you once had some of your own that you'd like share? Let me know by leaving a comment below. Maybe we can clear up some other confusions for other couples out there trying to conceive.

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