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5 Ideas for All Those Turkey Leftovers {Round-Up Post}

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This weekend Canadians will be gathering with family and friends to celebrate the annual Thanksgiving Day feast. All families have their own traditions, but for most the occasion is marked with a delicious meal centred around a huge roast turkey. I'm drooling a little just thinking about it, to be honest. 
Now, turkeys are not small birds to begin with, and no one wants to run out of the delicious meat at the dinner table. So we generally buy a bigger bird than we need, and we generally end up with lots of leftovers. Leftovers of delicious turkey just waiting to be transformed into family meals for days to come. Yummy!

In my family there are two essential leftover meals - turkey soup, and hot turkey sandwiches served with homemade French fries. I make the soup on the fly and have never had a recipe. I promise to take notes as I put it together this time, and I'll post my recipe next week. 

Hot Turkey Sandwich
A hot turkey sandwich is simple as can be, and oh so satisfying for the gravy lover. (Me!) Warm slices of leftover turkey in the microwave and place on a slice of bread on the serving plate. Add a big spoonful of stuffing. Spoon gravy over top. You can add a second slice of bread with more gravy, or cut down on the carbs by leaving your sandwich open-faced. I always serve mine with home-cut fries, extra stuffing, gravy and cranberry sauce. A classic, and a no-brainer.

My go-to leftover uses are, as you can see, pretty basic, and given the size of the bird I bought yesterday I thought I'd ask some blogging friends for their favourite ways to re-package the Thanksgiving turkey. As expected, they did not disappoint. Here are my 5 top picks from their suggestions, in no particular order. I hope these help you with your leftovers! Let me (and them!!) know if you use any.

Looking for a little spice? I love a Tex-Mex Meal, so this one's a definite pick for me. Made with few and simple ingredients you probably already have on hand.

That's right folks, the whole turkey dinner experience goes in these, not just the turkey. Veggies, cranberry sauce, it's all good and combines for the full turkey dinner taste experience in a single bite.

Julia adapted this recipe from a Company's Coming Slow Cooker cookbook. Since it also includes ham, this would be great for those really big family meals where you serve both ham and turkey. Say, for those extended family Christmas gatherings.

Send the kids back to school on Tuesday with these yummy wraps and you'll not only be using up your leftovers, but adding some healthy variety to their lunch as well. Quick and easy in the morning; cook some extra bacon for your breakfast too! 

I think these ideas will do the trick. No turkey will be wasted in this house! I just won't have it. Special thanks to Julie, Brandi, Julia, and Sheri for sharing their recipes. Please head over to their blogs and check them out!

Looking for even more ideas? There's a Pinterest board for that!

Note: Recipe images are the property of the recipe developers and are used with permission.

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