Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Are You Ready To Take the Live Healthy. Live Bubbly. 7-Day Challenge?

I was at an event yesterday where we were treated to a lovely lunch, and I chose to have pop with my meal. Something I rarely do (although my boys can be pop fiends), but I wanted something sweet so I went for it. Everything in moderation and all that. Generally I drink coffee in the morning and water most of the rest of the day. Aside from my evening glass of wine, of course. When I want something sweeter I like to add a little flavouring to plain sparkling water I prepare at home.

With my own focus on choosing water over sugary drinks I was a little surprised at the results of a recent survey conducted by Ipsos Reid for Nestle Waters Canada. According to the survey, Canadian moms are consuming an average of  three to four soft drinks per week, and 39% say they are not looking to reduce their intake. 

When asked about the number of teaspoons of sugar in an average soft drink serving, just two in ten 
moms correctly identified 10 teaspoons per container. Juice can also provide a big dose of sugar, with an average 355 ml glass of orange juice containing just over 8 teaspoons. The World Health Organization has recently suggested that daily sugar intake be just six teaspoons for the average adult. Wow is my only response to that. While I am not a doctor, and I can't say how realistic this 6 teaspoons a day figure is, I do find it concerning that the WHO recommends an amount so much less than that found in a single can of pop. How much additional sugar is coming from the other parts of our diet each day?

Since keeping hydrated is such a vital part of our overall health, it's important to find healthy ways to increase our liquid intake. Here are some great ideas to help keep you and your family hydrated throughout our busy days.

As part of its commitment to helping families live healthier lives, NestlĂ© Waters Canada is challenging Canadians to take the Live Healthy. Live Bubbly. 7-DAY CHALLENGE and swap out one sugared beverage each day for a  NestlĂ©® Pure Life® Sparkling Natural Spring Water, to kick start their efforts to reduce their sugar intake. These sparkling drinks come in Original, plus Lemon, Lime, Mandarin Orange and Raspberry Lime flavours, and contain 0 calories and 0 sugar.

Do you drink a lot of pop or other sugared drinks? If you'd like to reduce your sugar intake from beverages, why not head over and take the pledge today!

You can connect with Nestle Pure Life on their Facebook page.

Disclosure: I have been compensated for this post, however, all opinions on this blog remain my own.

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