Thursday, October 23, 2014

Does Your House Wake Your Baby? Silent Floor Solutions Can Help

One of the first things anyone comments on when they first visit our house is our flooring. We have gorgeous hardwood throughout the main and second levels, all stained a lovely, deep shade with a touch of cherry. It's one of the first things we noted when we came for the open house, to tell the truth. The colour is warm and welcoming, and, aside from the puffs of pet hair that tend to float across it, it looks really lovely. Big selling feature.

What folks don't realise though is that the hardwood, and whatever is underneath, has been in place since 1954. 60 years old. It's generally solid and in good shape, but there are questionable, noisy patches. There's a particularly annoying one on the landing by the bedrooms, right between our room and Boo's. Creaky? Oh yes. Avoidable? Well, kind of. But apparently only by me.

As a baby, Boo never slept unless he was in my arms. Never. Ok, I'm exaggerating, but not by much. His naps were usually about 10 minutes, maybe 20 on a good day. Getting him down at night was a terror. And he woke every 2 to 3 hours most nights until he was a year old. If we got a 7 hour stretch I was sure he was gone. So, once I finally got him settled, every minute was precious. Heaven help you if you accidentally woke him up. And both my husband and big kid did it often. I did too, but could usually remember where the creaky spot was and step over it instead of on it. Right in front of the baby's room. CREAK! Followed quickly by "WAAAH!" Nightmare.

But who wants the mess of tearing up the hardwood floor? Especially with an infant in the house. It's all bad enough.

Enter Silent Floor Solutions. The company began with the owner's own floors. Lev Remennik's wife was a nurse working nights, and he worried that his moving around on their squeaky floors during the day was disturbing her sleep. Being an engineer he had a unique skill set to bring to the problem and set about finding a solution. After successfully silencing his own floors, he worked his same magic at some friends' houses, and they encouraged him to start his own business.

Silent Floor Solutions was born in 2009, and they have silenced the floors and/or stairs in over 550 homes so far. What makes this service so special is its simplicity for the homeowner. No floors are torn up or ceilings torn down. They don't even have to move your furniture, and can usually complete your project in just 1 or 2 days, with minimal mess. The specifics of the process are of course proprietary, but essentially the team first assesses your floors/stairs to determine the specifics of the problem (i.e., what's causing the squeak) and works with you to decide how much or little of your floor you want fixed. They then drill tiny holes into the specific area to be treated and use those to apply a specially developed adhesive. The holes are filled and blended, and you can get back to enjoying that floor within a few hours. Clean, quick, minimum upset to your routine.

A squeaky area being treated by Silent Floor Solutions staff
Some common sources of problem squeaks

I asked Lev if this is primarily an issue for older homes, and he said actually it's not. Approximately half of the homes he's treated have been built within just the last 15 years. Older homes may have shifted or settled, but newer homes may have been put together more quickly with improper installation of the flooring.

If you have squeaky floors you want silenced, Lev and his team can help you out regardless of the age of your home. Pricing is per square foot, starting at a $500 base. That amount covers the initial assessment visit ($100) and up to 10 square feet of treatment. Each additional square foot is an extra $20. You can decide how little or much of your floor you want done.

I wish these guys had been around when Boo was wee. I think they could have saved me from a lot of sleepless nights. Head over to their website to read some testimonials and see what their past clients think. And of course you can check them out on Facebook as well.

Disclosure: This post has been brought to you by Silent Floor Solutions. All opinions on this blog, as always, remain my own.

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