Monday, October 20, 2014

Farewell to My Nokia. Now What to Do?

A couple of weeks ago, at Blissdom, disaster struck. I dropped my precious Nokia. It slipped out of my hand as I reached to exchange business cards, and it fell flat onto the floor. Face-down naturally, much like a slice of buttered toast always will. And given how tough and durable Nokias are, I initially.shrugged it off. But when I picked it up and turned it over I almost cried.

The phone is fully functional, but the glass screen is shattered. I taped it down to keep it in place and protect my fingers, but it's really too difficult to see anything, so I switched my SIM card out to my old iPhone 4.

Have you tried to text me lately or send me a Twitter DM? I'm willing to bet I missed it. Because I hate my iPhone and can't bear to look at it except when absolutely necessary. I never thought I would say those words, but after over a year with my Nokia I just can't go back. 

Windows phones rock!

Even without all the apps. I have more than enough different apps to do the things I need, and as I said before, it's probably a good thing there's no Candy Crush on this thing.

My calendar? I am lucky I'm showing up anywhere. I seriously miss my synched Calendar app. The live tiles? How did I ever live without them??

So now I have to decide - do I have this screen replaced, or do I upgrade to a new model? I'm currently not on contract, so I could go either way. Should I stick with Rogers and get a 1020? Or I could switch to Telus and get the new 830.  What do you think? Can the screen be successfully replaced? I've sent an email inquiry to the shop that once fixed my iPhone, but haven't heard back. Meanwhile I'm sure I'll survive. Serious #FirstWorldProblem here, right?

If you have experience with other Windows phones you'd like to recommend, or if you've had a Nokia 920 repaired, would love to hear your thoughts!

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