Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Healthy Choices with SunRype FruitActiv #SunRype

Before I met my husband, I was super healthy. I went to the gym, ate a mostly vegetarian and non-processed diet with solid protein sources, and walked back and forth to work each day. I also went dancing at least a couple of times a week. I was in shape and felt great, but I was definitely working at it.

When I met my husband and moved to Toronto, things changed. Not that any of it was his fault (although his diet was full of cheese and meat and pasta, and I eventually fell into that with him). But getting to work now involved a 40 minute drive. And getting home was about an hour. On a good day. This left little time, energy or desire for going to the gym. And we were quite content to sit at home and watch a movie rather than go dancing. 

Slowly my strength went down and my weight went up. OOPS. His did as well. Marital bliss and contentment can do that, you know. But we've been focused lately on getting back in shape and looking after ourselves again. We're not getting any younger, and the aches and pains in our joints make sure we don't forget that. So, we've been eating better - more fresh food, smaller portions; getting some exercise - pilates and aquafit for me, walking for both of us; and just generally trying to make good, healthy choices in our lives.  We're seeing benefits already in terms of increased energy and weight loss. I'll probably never be as fit again as I was in my 20s, but it's never too late to make some changes and prepare our bodies for the future.

Making healthy food choices doesn't have to be difficult. And it can definitely be tasty! 

SunRype is a Canadian company, based in British Columbia, that has been offering quality fruit drinks and snacks since 1946. The company began when Okanagan farmers wanted to create and market a 100% apple juice, straight from their orchards. That juice was named SunRype, and the company grew from those roots to include more fruits in their product line, and even some non-fruit based items. 

FruitActiv juices and snacks are one of the newest additions to their line-up, and SunRype sent over some samples for me to try with my family. These products have been designed to each include a key health benefit. They also taste great. To quote Boo, concerning the Stay Strong juice (Orange and Tangerine), "This is the BEST orange juice ever, Mommy!" Needless to say, this is now his juice of choice, and I appreciate that it includes Calcium and Vitamin D to aid in the development of strong bones and teeth as he grows. Those additions are good for my body too, as I age and move towards increased risk of osteoporosis.

The other blends in the juice line are Super Antiox (Blackberry Pomegranate) and Bright Eyes (Pineapple Orange Guava). The Antiox contains 400g of naturally occurring antioxidants - polyphenols - in each 250ml serving. The Bright Eyes, as you might have guessed, is designed to improve eye health. A 250ml serving
provides 2 full servings of fruit and 2g of Lutein. This is a specific antioxidant found in yellow and orange fruits and veggies and is an important factor in keeping our eyes well. Since both Hubs and I have been prescribed bifocals in the recent years, this is appealing to us. The bifocals were particularly jarring for him, as he never wore glasses in his life. His eyesight only started to go downhill after he hit 40. I've been trying to add more carrots to our diet, but this juice is a quick and easy way to get those same Lutein benefits.

On the snack side, SunRype has developed two types of fruit and whole grain bars, and each comes in two different, delicious varieties. Happy Heart includes oat fibre, and provides 25% of the daily recommended intake of fibre in each bar. Fibre has been shown to help lower cholesterol, something else we're keeping an eye on around here. Hubs is already on a cholesterol lowering medication, and I've been inching in that direction.

The Immuniboost bars hold immune benefits, providing 100mg of beta-glucan (Wellmune WGP), which activates key immune cells. With Boo back to school and months of being cooped up indoors with recycled air ahead of us, anything that can give us an immune boost is greatly appreciated! Since both of these bars are nut-free, they are a safe treat to send to school, or to grab as a quick snack on the way to karate practice or a meeting. I rarely find time for breakfast myself, so I have a couple of these bars stowed in my purse for an easy fix.

Did you know? SunRype products contain no preservatives, or artificial colours or flavours. Just healthy goodness.

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Disclosure: This post was brought to you by SunRype, however the images and opinions are my own. For more information, please visit www.sunrype.ca.

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