Monday, November 24, 2014

Fighting Back with Tylenol #TylenolArthritis

We were heading out to my mother-in-law's for our birthday dinner. (That sounds odd, I know, but Hubs and I have birthdays within a week of each other.) Freshly scrubbed and dressed, I started down the stairs to grab my boys and my coat, but as I stepped over the cat who was obstinately lying on a stair about half-way down, I slipped. I slipped and I slid, down the last 7 steps, landing with a solid smack of my right foot on the ceramic tile at the bottom.

Ouch. There's a long version of the story that sees me believing I simply sprained my ankle (again) and heading to dinner anyway, reasoning I could put my foot up at her place as well as at mine, no big deal. It became a very big deal, and the short version is that my foot was broken. Really broken. In three places.

The break eventually healed of course, but a year or two later I started feeling pain again, especially when the weather got damp or cold. Pain, tightness, even sometimes redness and heat. My doctor nonchalantly announced I had arthritis in my foot as a result of the break. Apparently previous injury is a pretty common cause of arthritis, but that didn't make it any easier or more pleasant for me to deal with. Arthritis anywhere is painful, and can be debilitating. But when it's in your foot just simply getting around becomes so difficult. Every step is excruciating when my symptoms flare up and driving becomes difficult too. I'm "lucky" you know, so naturally it's my right foot that's affected.

I suspect I also have arthritis in fingers on each of my hands, again due to previous broken bones, but that hasn't been diagnosed. I simply recognise similar symptoms that can make it painful to type or to knit. Also a lot of stiffness in both ring fingers. I hate that the pain gets in the way of doing things I enjoy.

How do I treat my arthritis pain? My doctor recommended Tylenol Arthritis, and I take that when things flare up, so I can get back to living my life. It's the same drug my mother takes for the arthritis in her neck, so it's a bit of a family affair. I also sometimes use topical treatments, either including acetaminophen or a cooling agent to get some additional relief. A cooling gel feels great when my foot feels like it's on fire.

Tylenol Arthritis is designed with two layers for both a quick hit of acetaminophen for immediate relief, and then a longer lasting delayed release, so you get up to 8 hours of symptom management with just two pills. And Tylenol is easy on your stomach and kidneys, making it safe and comfortable to take. You don't want to be replacing one symptom (pain) with another one (stomach troubles)!

Tylenol has provided the following infographic to give you a clearer idea of what arthritis is, and how it impacts individuals and the Canadian economy. For instance, did you know that arthritis isn't a single disease, but that the term covers over 100 conditions? Read on!

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