Monday, November 17, 2014

HGG2014: Nerf N-Strike Elite Combat Creatures TerraDrone Dart Shooter {Review}

Way back in the summer, when it was still warm (sigh. actually that day was pouring rain), my trusty toy tester and I were invited to Hasbro's holiday preview event. Boo takes his job as my assistant very seriously, and he was stoked to attend and see what fun new products were on the way. And he managed to make a sizable Christmas list while we were there.  I should probably re-think bringing him to these things, hey?

The first toy he fell for was the Nerf N-Strike Elite Combat Creatures TerraDrone. Long name, cool toy. This remote controlled toy/creature looks like a big bug, and it shoots 12 Nerf darts really far (up to 45 feet). Awesome, right? What boy wouldn't want this toy? (I'm sure a bunch of girls would love it too!) Needless to say, he requested one for review, and Hasbro was kind enough to comply.

The TerraDrone requires some assembly out of the box, but it's straightforward, just snapping the pieces together and loading the darts into the cartridge. If I hadn't first tried to put the legs on upside down, assembly would have taken just a couple of minutes. The creature also needs 6 AA  batteries, which are not included, so grab some of those to go along with it if you are gifting. You might also want to grab some refill darts for when your darling loses a bunch in the neighbour's yard.

Boo wanted to do a video review and show you the TerraDrone in action:

As you can see, the head rotates a full 360 degrees and angles up and down to spy out its target and aim. The Nerf darts fly far and hard in any direction, and the 12 dart cartridge means you don't have to reload after each shot. We didn't test how far away we could take the remote, but it did work throughout our main floor.

Personally, I love the way this toy moves and think it's cool how you can sneak up on someone with it. We didn't take it outdoors because we are currently covered in snow, but the sturdy legs are designed for multiple surfaces. It did great on our slippery ceramic tile and on the hardwood. This is a solid, well-built toy with excellent play value.

The Combat Creatures TerraDrone is recommended for ages 6 and up and would likely appeal any school-aged boy, and many adventurous girls.

Disclosure: I received complimentary product to facilitate this review. All opinions on this blog, as always, remain my own or those of my family. This post contains affiliate links.

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