Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Speed Up Your Holiday Shopping with Flipp #Flipp4BlackFriday

Do you flip for big savings? Are you an avid reader or flyers and price-matcher? Then you need to download the new Flipp app!

What's Flipp, you ask? It's an easy and convenient way to get all your favourite flyers on your mobile device. I tend to spend time on Saturday mornings with my coffee, my pen and paper, and a stack of flyers. I want to find the best deals on whatever I'm shopping for that week, and it involves a lot of note-taking and review. What was the price at Metro again? Cheaper than the Superstore? I have to go back and check.
Would you rather? A stack of paper flyers, or all those flyers on your tablet?
With Flipp, I can browse flyer by flyer, or search for specific items I need, and get a list of everywhere that item is included, for easy comparison. So, let's say I'm looking for my Christmas turkey. Does anyone have turkey on sale this week? Who has the best deal? I enter "turkey" in the search bar and Flipp scans every current flyer in the collection for every mention of turkey. It then presents the list, organised by store.

Now, in this case I'm getting ground turkey, turkey burgers, and more in addition to the whole turkey I'm looking for, but that's ok. The search also brought up turkey breast deals, reminding me of another option I could consider for our small family meal. It's so easy to find the best deal, or even if there are any deals this week - just scroll down the screen to see all turkey info across all flyers. When I find the deal I want, I tap the screen to clip that item to my shopping list. Hello!

Of course, it's not just grocery flyers in the app. Personally, I've been dreaming of a KitchenAid Stand Mixer. And since it's Black Friday this week, I wonder if anyone has them on sale?

I checked the Target flyer first, since I know they have some great Black Friday sales happening. $250 savings!! But I figured I should check further, so I searched "KitchenAid."

Sears has the Artisan on sale, and Walmart has a basic model on for $199. There are lots of options for me to explore and to point out to my husband for his holiday shopping.

Flipp also allows you to search for toys, clothing items. and many gift ideas. If it's in a flyer, you can search it. Boo wants a Zoomer Dino for Christmas. Flipp quickly informed me that they are $10 off at Future Shop and Best Buy this week. Also, Toys R Us has a special edition Gold Zoomer Dino on sale. Wondering where to get that ugly Christmas sweater? Target. $20.

Generally speaking I am not a huge fan of shopping. I don't enjoy the browse. I like to know what I need, and then get in and get out as quickly as possible. And I shop online whenever possible to avoid the crowds and parking nightmares, especially at this time of year.  With Flipp I can research and plan my attack, even creating my shopping list with a tap of my finger as I go. Then I can access that list on my smartphone or tablet in the store. The flyers are easier to research on my tablet than in paper, and having that plan in place lets me get my shopping done super fast.

Also, if you price match, you no longer have to carry around a stack of flyers with you. Just bring up the lower price on the Flipp app and show the cashier. Way more convenient.

The Flipp app is free, and is available on iOS and Android. I'm hoping that they develop for the Windows phone as well, since that's my phone of choice. But in the meantime I have it on my Android tablet.

Do you currently use Flipp? What are your thoughts? You can join in the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag #Flipp4BlackFriday, and leave a comment here with your impressions.

Disclosure: This post has been brought to you by Flipp. All opinions on this blog, as always, remain my own.

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