Friday, December 05, 2014

Farewell Fair Laptop

Tuesday, December 3, was not my favourite day. There were a number of issues, but let's focus on this one - my laptop died.

I left to bring Boo to guitar lessons, and the laptop was working.

I returned from said guitar lessons, and it was not.

What happened in the interim? Who knows, but it appears that something inside just gave up. The Geek Squad at Best Buy says the motherboard and hard drive are fried and the data on the drive are non-recoverable. Dell Support believes that the processor has failed. Whatever it is, the darn thing won't turn on, and no one can recover my files.
This is kind of how I felt. But with more tears and less housework. Though that needs to be done too.
That's right. It's all gone. But, you say, surely a gal as tech-savvy as Deb will have backed-up all her important data, right? No worries! Except, as tech-savvy as I may be, I am rushed and frazzled and back-ups never seem to happen. My photos are fine (whew!) as they are backed up through the end of August on my external drive, and phone pics are automatically stored to cloud drives, while I rarely clear the memory card on the Nikon.

But it appears that I haven't backed up anything else since about this time last year.

Why oh why oh why? I do know better. I now have to recreate my income tracking, invoicing, re-edit images I had prepared for posts, scan in minutes for our school council so we have a record again, and so on and so on. There were also a fair number of family history files - source data - that I had intended to pour over during the holidays. Gone. Do you think I'll remember where I found them in the first place? Nope.

Wednesday was also a banner day. I decided to use Boo's laptop while he was at school. RIDDLED with malware and viruses. There were some really smart ones on there too that seemed to know when I was trying to remove them, and they kept re-creating themselves. Highly frustrating, and took most of the day, but all is well now.

Meanwhile Hubs feels terrible for me and has passed over his desktop, and desk, and two monitors for my use.  This part of the story is pretty awesome, as his system is super fast and I really have missed having the second screen. It's making the recovery process a bit easier.

What are the lessons here? Pretty simple really. Back up your work and do it often!!! I have three cloud accounts: OneDrive, Google Drive, and iCloud. I have to get in the habit of using them. As a dedicated Windows phone girl, I am currently saving all of my work on OneDrive, rather than on DH's system. It will be there waiting for me when I finally replace my laptop. Plus, I can access everything from my Lumia phone if need be.

Also, I can't tell you how much I am in love with my Microsoft account right now. All I had to do was log in on this desktop and Boo's laptop with my Microsoft ID, and so many of my settings came with me. Even my desktop wallpaper! Then I logged into Chrome, and all of my bookmarks, autofill data, browsing data, plug-ins, and more magically appeared. So, even if I had to recreate an invoice from scratch this morning and have now spent hours searching for social shares to screenshot for the second time, which I then had to re-edit, at least I feel comfortable in my computing environment. Things basically look like home, and that's helping me get through.

Now. I am off to try to get back to writing, so I can bring you all up to date on our Holiday Gift Guide. And, you, remember - do as I say and not as I do - back up your data!!! Please!

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