Monday, December 22, 2014

Finding My Happy this Holiday Season #SeasonsTweetings

Christmas really is my favourite time of year. I've been listening to Christmas music since mid-November, almost exclusively. And I've been singing along loudly. My home is sparkling with decorations, all anchored with the main attraction - the beautiful Christmas tree.
Christmas is a season of light and love and family, and it all brings me so much joy. Of course it's also a season of giving, and perhaps what makes me happiest of all is giving to others - gifts, food, fellowship, all of it. Seeing the excitement on a child's face as they unwrap their present, or the pleasure when a friend bites into one of my shortbread cookies. Love it! I delight in feeding my family and friends and in putting on a beautiful display to make them feel the joy of Christmas in my home.

Yes, I may be a little over the top this time of year, but I think my crowd are used to that by now.

Baking is high on my list of things to do in preparation for the holidays. Whether for entertaining, gifting, or just hanging out watching "It's A Wonderful Life" with my family, home-baked cookies are a must for me. I've been making due with a hand mixer for a lot of years now, and I think it's time for me to up my game. Just think how much more baking I could get done, and how much more enjoyable it would be with this little baby:

Having the right tools for the job is important, and after lusting after a KitchenAid stand mixer for ever so long, this is the year to bring one home.  It was tops on my own Christmas list, and I found a few models on sale at Target. Naturally I went out and picked one up myself and presented it to Hubs to wrap for me. Oh yes I did! Surprises are lovely and all that, but this little baby? I wasn't taking any chances. This KitchenAid Ultra PowerPlus in fuchsia was originally $479.99, and is currently on sale for $229.99. Wow! That pop of colour on my counter will bring the happy everyday, even when I'm not mixing with it. Merry Christmas to me! 

I hope Santa likes his cookies this year.
While I was at Target I also took advantage of their sale on gift wrap. Another area where I'm a bit of a Christmas nut. My grandmother taught me to wrap gifts when I was wee, and I've always loved doing it. I put a lot of effort into placing pretty parcels under the tree, and I admit I try to coordinate colours and styles. And all of our gifts are colour-coded. Yep. Each of the four of us is assigned a specific wrap each year, and all gifts are done in that one (sometimes two). We don't really need tags, but I love those too. So, yes, I'm a control freak. And a bit (lot) anal. But I think my family loves me anyway. With a healthy roll of their eyes.

See?! How pretty is that? A beautiful display under the tree really is a big source of happy for me.

At the end of the day, my happy at Christmas comes from putting together a beautiful, warm, welcoming, and delicious holiday for the ones I love, and sharing time together making wonderful memories.

Whatever you celebrate at this special time of year, and however you do it, I wish you all Happy Holidays! From my family to yours :)

Disclosure: Yes this is a sponsored post, brought to you by Target. Regardless, all opinions on this blog, as always, remain my own. And any chance/excuse I get to write about Christmas and finding my happy, I jump on it :)

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