Monday, December 08, 2014

HGG2014: Moustache Smash

Board games and card games are great for some good old-fashioned, unplugged fun. With this in mind I was looking forward to trying out Spin Master's Moustache Smash with my guy. His life is way too wired. So is mine :)
He looks pretty good with the 'stache, right?
Moustache Smash is a straightforward matching game, played with a deck of cards and a series of different moustaches on sticks. If you've ever played Snap or War or the like, you'll easily understand the concept. Each player chooses a moustache, which they must "wear" on their lip throughout the game (as Boo is modelling in the image above). The dealer turns over the card on top of the deck, and players race to be the first to smash the card and win it for themselves. The catch? To be able to smash and claim a card it must match your own moustache in either colour or shape (or both).
This moustache would be a match for any of the four moustache cards pictured here.
There are also special action cards - "Moustache Smash," which is a free-for-all, and "Moustache Pass," which makes everyone pass their moustache along to the player on their left. This can make the game confusing, as you need to remember both the colour and shape of your 'stache, and you can't see it yourself while you're playing. If a player "smashes" when they shouldn't, they have to lose two of their cards to the centre pile. The player with the most cards at the end of the game wins.

What did we think? Well, Boo demanded three games in a row, so that should be a good indication. This is a fun game with simple rules. The smashing action and race to be first can lead to lots of giggles and some shouts too. At first I was surprised that the game is recommended for ages 7 and up, as it seems to be a young game, but since you can match your exact moustache, the same shape in a different colour, or the same colour in a different shape, it would be tricky for pre-schoolers or even kindergarten kids. I readily admit that I messed up more than once! Of course, you could switch up the rules to play with wee ones - maybe setting colour match only as the time to "smash."  Also, the game is to be played by 3-6 players, and I think 3 probably is a great minimum, but Boo and I played just the two of us and still had a blast.

Our verdict, this is great low-tech family fun, and would make a great family gift or gift for any school-aged kids on your list.

Disclosure: I received complimentary product to facilitate this review. All opinions on this blog, as always, remain my own, or those of my family. Also, this post contains affiliate links. 

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