Friday, December 05, 2014

HGG2014: Nerf Brings Excitement to Your Backyard Battles

The Nerf line of toys is just ginormous, and there's something for everyone I swear. From balls and flying discs to crossbows, water rifles, and dart guns, it's a brand you can count on for tons of fun for boys and girls. And grown-ups too. Who are we kidding? A little backyard water fight with your kids is a great way to cool down on a hot day, and maybe work out some frustrations as well.

Boo always glides towards the Nerf aisle when we hit a toy store. Here are just a few of his picks for holiday gift ideas for the boys on your list. Also, don't forget the Combat Creatures TerraDrone he fell in love with.

Nerf Mega Thunderbow (Ages 8 & up, APR$34.99)  The arms of the bow flex, so you pull back like a traditional bow, to fire Nerf Mega whistler darts up to a distance of 100 feet. It comes with 10 darts and holds up to five darts at a time, so you don't have to reload after each shot. Also - you get fun sound with the whistler darts.

Nerf N-Strike Elite Demolisher 2-in-1 Blaster (Ages 8 & up, APR $49.99)  Boo test drove this one at a media event this summer and put it right on his Christmas list. It shoots both darts and missiles up to 90 feet, featuring semi-motorized blasting, a 10 dart banana clip, and all new missiles. You can connect Nerf scopes and lights to the blaster’s top Tactical Rail System as well. Blaster includes two missiles and 10 N-Strike Elite darts.  Four AA batteries required, not included.

Nerf N-Strike Elite Nerf Cam ECS-12 Blaster (Ages 8 & up, APR $89.99)  This is the first Nerf blaster to feature a built in camera, so kids can record their "missions" for future viewing. Kind of like making an action film :) The videos can be viewed on the view screen immediately, or downloaded to share later. The Blaster fires N-Strike Elite Darts up to 90 feet. It includes a 4GB memory card, which can hold up to 2,000 photos, 1.77” colour screen, 12 dart clip and 12 N-Strike Elite darts. Eight AA batteries required, not included. This is currently on sale at for $44.99!!!

This year Nerf has gotten into the Zombie craze as well. To help them prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse, you can consider these beauties!

Nerf Zombie Strike Strikeblade Toy (Ages 8 & up, APR $14.99) Hand to hand zombie fight? Try this 30 inch long sword, made from durable foam. Affordable and fun, Boo has been swinging this one for weeks.

Nerf Zombie Strike Sidestrike Blaster (Ages 8 & up, ARP $19.99) This made the list for a couple of reasons (aside from zombies, of course). The size and the holster. Yes! This is the first Nerf blaster with a holster for dart and blaster storage, leaving hands free to carry supplies and post-zombie invasion gear. It's a one-hand blaster for fast action fun. Fires up to 75 feet, and comes with 6 Zombie Strike darts.

And are you ready for another bow? Yes, I have a thing for bows. Comes from my former archery days. The Nerf Zombie Strike Crossfire Bow (Ages 8 & up, APR $24.99) is the first Nerf crossbow in close to 20 years. Boasting 75 foot Elite distance and authentic pull-back firing action, the Crossfire bow is a great asset in the human-zombie struggle. Comes with four Nerf Zombie Strike darts.

These are our picks from the Nerf line-up, but there's plenty more to check out. You can see the full line on the Nerf website.

Disclosure: I received complimentary review products from Hasbro, though not everything listed here! Also, this post contains affiliate links. As an affiliate, if you purchase one of these items after clicking through my link, I will receive compensation from Amazon.

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