Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Maybe Not the Parent of the Year

There are a few mantras by which I live. 

"Never pass up an opportunity to pee" is one of them, and I firmly stand by it.

Another is "ask forgiveness, not permission." Now, that may not be the best message to pass on to my kids, but sometimes I can't help myself. I suspect my allegiance to this motto has a lot to do with my Type A Decisive personality.  I see what needs to be done; I know how to do it; I need to move forward. Committees kill me.  Less talk, more action, and all that.

Well, this approach to life does not compute for Boo. He is all about the rules. "Are we allowed to do that?" He's very by the book. So when we saw this humongous hockey helmet at the World Juniors game last Sunday, he and his friend posed politely outside of it.

And that was all well and good. Until I noticed that you could get inside the helmet.
"Hey boys! Go inside so I can get a picture!" They were both mortified and worried about getting into trouble. But I was all, "No! Go! They would have roped it off if you shouldn't be in there." Meanwhile I'm thinking to myself, "Hurry up so I can get the shot before someone comes and tells us not to."  

I may just be a bad influence.

But, they did it, and were totally stoked to be INSIDE the helmet. And no one came and dragged them out of it. And the family behind us went in there too. So I guess it was cool after all.

Of course I had to get this shot!! Part helmet/part kid cage. All awesome.

It's a hard line to walk - rules are important for sure. But sometimes you have to just jump in there and make things happen. I guess part of my job is to try to give him the foundation to know the difference.

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