Monday, December 15, 2014

My Christmas Wreath

I'm not the world's craftiest gal, to say the least. But I think this turned out okay. 
Here is my 2014 Christmas wreath:

For the last couple of years I've purchased a base wreath made from real fir boughs, decorated it and then removed the decorations at the end of the season before throwing it out. This year I decided to start with an artificial wreath. Less mess, no need to spray the wreath with water daily to keep it fresh, and with any luck it may last more than one year! Plus, I inherited three large artificial wreaths from my mother-in-law's craft collection, and it's about time I put them to good use.

I'm not going to post a step-by-step, because really my wreath-making technique is quite basic. I know some folks get all crafty with their glue gun, but I choose decorations I can twist or clip on. Easy Peasy! I will share a few tips with you though.

  • Start with a plan. Seems simple enough, right? Think about the colours you want to include, or a theme to follow. Snowmen? Candy Canes? Bright, on-trend colours? Traditional red and green? If you know the look you're going for you can be more focused when you hit the craft store. In theory. This year I decided on a "nature" theme, but with my favourite shade of lime green. So my wreath is all berries and birds and pine cones.
  • Lay out your decorations on the wreath, all of them, before you start to put things together. This gives you the chance to move things around and find the balance you want.
  • I recommend using "picks" for any florals, berries, seeds. They are super easy to twist around the wreath and also easy to re-position if you change your mind. Plus - glue gun mess.
  • The birds on this wreath all came from Michael's, and they attach with clips. I could take them off and add them to my tree next year if I decide to do a different wreath.
  • I'm still experimenting with the mesh ribbon, but it does add a nice finishing touch. Loop it loosely around the wreath and then adjust it once the ends are secured. Scrunch it in your hand to get a nice effect.
  • Wreaths look great when lighted. Why not pick up a string of battery-operated clear lights (or coloured if that fits your theme) to weave in? 10-15 light strings will do. Simply reach in and flip the switch at dusk. Just remember to switch them off when you go to bed, or you'll be changing batteries daily.
  • The one thing I miss with artificial wreaths or trees is that wonderful evergreen scent. This year I added 2 Scentsicles in Snow Berry Wreath. Now each time I open my door, or a guest does, we get that wonderful scent of Christmas too. (I have the White Winter Fir in my artificial tree.)
Do you have a wreath on your front door? Tell me about it!

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