Sunday, January 04, 2015

The Case of the Missing Brassiere

So, I've lost my bra. One of my bras. Twenty years ago there would have been a good story to go along with that statement I'm sure. Probably involving a few drinks, a late-night after party, and who knows what other salacious details. But today I am a work-at-home suburban mom who can't find one of her undergarments. This says way more about my poor housewifely skills than anything else.

laundry basketI've done 9 loads of laundry this weekend. And every time I emptied the dryer I feared I would find my missing bra tangled up in another item of clothing, ruined from the heat. But no. I've looked on the hooks on the back of bathroom doors. Emptied all laundry hampers. Tidied the mess of books and purses and shoes on my bedroom floor. No bra.

Did the dog steal it? Was it accidentally placed back in someone else's drawer? I doubt it. I should probably look under the bed. But if it's down there with the monster dust bunnies I'm not sure I really want it back.

At least it's not one of the three "good" bras I own. That's right. I own THREE relatively new, well-fitting, adequately supportive bras that still have all their stretch. I am special. (Actually, there was a sale at Sears.) These three bras are precious. The missing one is one of two older bras, in the next level of acceptability for wearing. Partially stretched, discoloured from wearing under many a black top (both of these are white), needing to be hooked on the middle or last hook. There's a couple of really old and completely stretched out of shape bras hanging around as well. Not sure why I couldn't have lost one of those. (Yes, I do still wear them. I hate doing laundry.)

So, should I venture under the bed? I should clean under there at some point anyway. Or maybe I should give up on this one and just resolve to stay on top of the laundry from now on. Think I can stick with that resolution for the new year?

UPDATE: I found it! And yes it was under the bed. Of course, I found it while looking for the dog's collar, which was not there. I took her collar off to give her a bath two days ago, and am positive I put it on the dresser in my room. It's gone. What is wrong with me??? LOL

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