Saturday, February 28, 2015

Monopoly is 80!!

A long time family favourite is celebrating 80 years in 2015. Monopoly has been entertaining us and bringing families together for game night since 1935. Wow.  This one has always been high on my list, and we've amassed a little collection of various versions that have been released over the years, including one Hubs just purchased - a special Beatles edition!

A portion of our collection, including a game from the early 80s. Missing from picture - Boo's fave, Cityville Monopoly.
The 80th Anniversary Edition has all the classic property names, and includes a selection of 8 game pieces reflecting the 8 decades of Monopoly. The pieces are a gorgeous burnished metal, really solid. Personally I'm sad there's no wheelbarrow, but that's just me. These are a great cross-section, and I am happy to play with the latest addition - the cat.

The board and cards have a lovely, unbleached, vintage look to them. I thought the Community Chest and Chance cards looked a little flimsy at first, but they aren't. They are a nice, heavy cardstock. Even the dice are more ivory than white, giving everything an aged look. Very appealing.

Monopoly 80th Anniversary board

Perhaps the part I love the most about this new edition - the bank. This is the best organizer I have ever seen. It has spaces for each denomination of bills, a section for organizing and separating the properties, and wells for the houses and hotels. Awesome! This keeps everything super tidy and easy to access for the banker (always me - I'm a control freak).

The game follows classic rules, so it's the familiar game we've grown to love. The rules include auctioning of properties - when a player lands on an unowned property and doesn't want it, the bank must auction it off.  This rule will speed up game play, but doesn't make sense unless you have 3 or more players, so Boo and I have opted to ignore that rule during our 2 player games. I've toyed with the idea of introducing the Free Parking rule (any fines or taxes go in the middle and are collected when a player lands on Free Parking), but I haven't yet. This version explicitly says not to.

A final note - when playing Monopoly with kids, be sure to take advantage of the educational opportunities.  Buying properties, paying rent, calculating fines based on numbers of buildings owned - there are awesome opportunities to work on math skills. Whether it's figuring out the fine on your 3 houses, or subtracting to make change for rent, be sure you encourage your child to figure it out for themselves and only offer assistance if they really need it.

Are you the ultimate Monopoly fan? Monopoly is looking to crown the next Canadian National Champion, and it could be you! The big tournament will take place in Toronto, May 1-2, 2015. 48 participants will compete for the title, selected after completing a qualifying quiz. You can see all the details at

Monopoly Canadian Championship 2015

Or if you're like me and still at the recreational Monopoly level, just grab some family and friends and settle in for a great game at home!

Disclosure: I received complimentary product to facilitate this review. All opinions on this blog, as always, remain my own.

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