Monday, March 16, 2015

March Break at the Toronto Zoo

The temperatures have climbed above zero, and I am so very ready to get outdoors. On our list for this week? A trip to the Toronto Zoo. We haven't been since the fall, and I'm anxious to see our favourite animals again. During March Break the Zoo staff have arranged a series of special keeper talks and animal encounters (see the website for the schedule), plus hands-on activities and demonstrations in their Animal Enrichment Extravaganza.

From 10am-2pm daily, visitors to the Zoo can help build animal enrichment items in the Education Auditorium. The items will be presented to the animals according to the schedule below, and visitors can see how the animals interact with them. The Giant Pandas are still stars at the Zoo, and they'll be receiving these treats daily so there will be lots of opportunities to view them at play,

Of course if it still feels cold when we visit, I know we can take advantage of any of the 6 indoor tropical pavilions to warm up again.

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