Monday, March 16, 2015

March is Messy

Today we had what is supposed to be the warmest day of March Break, so I decided we had to do some kind of outdoor activity. But I had to work in the morning and there were errands to be run (including a trip to the Samko/Miko Toy Sale to buy "100 Facts" books for Boo). So I suggested we at least take a nice walk with the dog once all our stuff was done.

Boo suggested the dog park.

For the record, I initially said no way. But I eventually relented. That was so very wrong, but at least now Boo has gotten it out of his system until things dry up. Boo hates to be muddy.
muddy boots in spring
I was very grateful for my new winter boots in all their rubber, waterproof glory.
The dog park was 3 acres of mud and slush and filthy dogs who wanted to jump up and say hi. It was kinda gross, but we had fun.  We haven't visited since November, and I did miss the doggies and their people. And so did Maxi, although she was a little shy at first.

boy and dog walking in muddy field
Three acres of this. Tell me again why we went?
Of course, when we got home Maxi went straight into the bath, which she hates. But she was a good girl and put up with this least favourite part of her day.

My least favourite part of the day? Delicately stepping around to avoid all the dog poop and assorted garbage that has come to the surface as the snow and ice have melted. Seriously people! It's gross!  If you are out with a dog, you must pick up after it. Period. End of Story.  This also means that you have to keep an eye on your dog, even in the huge off-leash park. It amazes me how many dog owners sit back with a book, or engage in deep conversations with each other while their dogs wander off on their own, unattended.  Are they pooping? Fighting with each other? Trying to dig their way out? Apparently some owners don't care. I have been known to call out, "Hey! Someone's pooping! Who belongs to this guy?"

I'm looking forward to a few good rainfalls and the municipal street cleaning crews to get this city tidied up. Meanwhile, if I can just make the plea to everyone out there - pick up after your dog - pick up after yourself. Don't litter. Let's try to keep our streets and parks clean and lovely so we can ALL enjoy them this spring. 'K?

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