Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Revenue Canada Extends Tax Deadline. Turbo Tax Extends Discount Offer.

Did you hear the news this week? Due to an incorrect notice having been sent to tax preparers, Revenue Canada has extended the tax filing deadline to May 5.  It sounds like someone copied and pasted from a memo sent last year, when the deadline was extended due to the Heartbleed bug. But whatever the case, Canadians have an extra five days to file.

If you're like me and haven't filed yet, this means you get the weekend to get everything finalised and sent in. And if you're like me and do your own taxes, you can take advantage of TurboTax's special offer, which they've also extended until May 5 - Save 20% on TurboTax Online Editions Today!

I've been using TurboTax online for a number of years now and have had no worries. It walks you through your return, asks all the right questions, and prompts you to make sure you are not missing deductions. I particularly like that I can try claiming certain things on my return and on my husband's return and instantly see where we get the most benefit. If you haven't filed yet, check it out!

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