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Stay Hydrated with the Convenient & Great Tasting #StraussWaterBar

When it came to drinking water, I was spoiled growing up. My grandparents got their water from a well, sourced from a natural spring. The water was amazing, and after we moved into our own house, the first thing I'd do when we visited was get a glass straight from the tap. I still do for that matter. It's the best water ever. I love that well!

But even without our own private spring, we are incredibly lucky in Canada that our municipal drinking water is treated and safe, but, depending on where you live and how old your pipes are, the water may not always taste as great as you'd like. Because of this, a lot of people turn to bottled or filtered water. Personally, I have a problem with regular bottled water, as it generates so much plastic waste, and even if you recycle it all, the production and recycling processes use a lot of energy for a product that isn't really necessary. Filtering systems are a great option, though I often found my pitcher was pretty much empty when I'd go to get a drink. Did anyone else ever refill it?

These days I tend to drink my water straight from the tap, and I drink a lot of it. 8-12 glasses a day are recommended, and I strive for 8 at least. Some of that comes from herbal teas, but most comes from cold water with a splash of lemon. And come summer I like to have a water pitcher in the fridge with berries and cucumber. So refreshing, and so healthy!!

Last week I had the opportunity to check out a new way to serve and enjoy both hot and cold water at home. The Strauss WaterBar is an installed counter top system that connects to your main water line and provides a constant supply of purified water, chilled, room temperature, or heated to your specifications. The system provides a convenient and great tasting alternative to bottled water, reducing waste and saving money over time.

What I like?

The water tastes great. The system uses active carbon filters and UV purification to remove impurities and contaminants (including chlorine taste), while leaving all the healthy, natural minerals you want and need. Just clear, pure, healthy water. The kind I used to get from our well.

Temperature control. The system hooks up to both the hot and cold water feeds and you choose the temperatures you want to dispense. Rather than letting your tap run for ages to get the really cold water you want, the Strauss WaterBar gives you ice cold water immediately, at the touch of a button. Or maybe you're making tea. If you are a true tea lover, you know that different teas need to steep at different temperatures, and many shouldn't have boiling water. No problem. Just adjust the temperature on the system for the perfect cup every time! You can also set a timer so the water is at the perfect temperature for your first cup when you wake each morning.

Earth friendly. For those who normally rely on bottled water, this system replaces all that plastic. And the heating system is more efficient than boiling a kettle, so it uses less energy. Plus there's a sleep mode, so your system can save energy when it's not needed.

Scary stats, in my opinion - Toronto consumes an estimated 100 million plastic bottles a year, 35% of which are not recycled.

Convenient. Having the system right there encourages healthy hydration, since it's so easy to get a great glass of cold water to enjoy. No more trips to the store to lug back cases of water. And no more trips to the store to buy replacement filters. That's right! Strauss automatically sends our necessary replacement filters and lights on a regular schedule. You don't need to keep track of when you last changed a filter, because they do it for you! When a filter shows up, make the switch.

Design. These machines are gorgeous. Sleek and shiny, in a huge array of colours, to match any decor. They do take up a bit of space on your counter top, but they look good doing it. And considering they'll be in constant use, it's a good use of that real estate.

Naturally I would want this lime green. Gorgeous!

“The Strauss WaterBar delivers an unparalleled experience with the world’s most essential natural resource,” said David Amiel, Strauss Water Canada’s President and CEO. The WHO recommends drinking 2-3 litres of water per day. “Our goal is to make drinking water a fun and exciting experience for the whole family, helping you and your loved ones consume more water for a healthier lifestyle, without the environmental impact of plastic bottles.”

The system comes in two models - the T6 and T7. The systems have mostly the same features, but differ in design. The T7 has a faster chilled water flow and dedicated, one-touch jug fill button, for when you want to fill a jug to make juice or add fruit or whatever. The T6 has a slightly smaller footprint.
T6 Stainless and T7 Red
The Strauss WaterBar can be purchased outright at a cost of $1199 (T6) or $1399 (T7). That covers delivery and professional installation as well. Or they can be rented for a monthly $34.95/$39.95, with no contract term. A $99 delivery and installation fee applies to rentals. Either way, the systems come with a 30 money-back guarantee, a full lifetime warranty, and regular delivery of filters, UV lamps and descaling pods. 

Strauss Canada has a special on now. Until May 18, 2015, purchase a Strauss WaterBar system and receive a discount equal to the taxes.

What do you think? Do you regularly drink bottled or filtered water? Do you drink enough water?? I know the water cooler at my office was a great encouragement to stay hydrated there. I think having this on my counter would keep me better hydrated at home as well. Outright purchase might not be an option for me, but I'm thinking about the rental program!

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Strauss WaterBar. All opinions on this blog remain my own.

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