Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Make Every Dinner Party Sparkle with Chef Michael Smith #PGMom {Giveaway}

I love entertaining! A full house of laughter, good friends, and great food is a perfect time for me.  Of course, as an introvert I need a fair bit of time the next day to recover from all the socialising, but it is so worth it. I really enjoy planning the menu, choosing a featured party drink and setting everything up. But I do sometimes take on more than I can reasonably handle and end up spending too much time during the get-together in the kitchen. Or maybe that's a subconscious attempt to get this introvert a little alone time to re-charge during the fun? Hmm. 

I know I can always use some tips to help me out, with entertaining and elsewhere. To help create magical events, Food Network Chef Michael Smith teamed up with Cascade Platinum to share tips on how to make your dinner party sparkle, while cutting down your clean up time! Follow these tips from and your guests will be blown away:
  • Spend time to save time: Prep as much as you can in advance – from food to your table. Smart preparation will allow you to spend more time with your guests.
  • Make your guests feel special: Thoughtful details tell your guests they are special. Set the mood with music, place cards, flowers and sparkling dishes and glasses. I use Cascade Platinum in every cycle to make sure everything is ready for a big event.
  • Start with a bang! Do something collectively right away. A group activity subtly reminds everyone “We’re in this together!”
  • Give your guests something fun to do: At some point, engage your guests in an interactive activity, something hands on, that’s not work.
  • Clean as you go: Get the mess out of the way, and load the dishwasher as you prepare dinner. With Cascade Platinum, you don’t need to worry about pre-rinsing – it will clean stuck-on food in one wash.
  • Share the work: Many hands make light work. After the main meal and before dessert, encourage everybody to pitch in with clean up.
  • Grand finale: End the evening with something spectacular, something memorable, or my favourite—something flammable!
Whether you're hosting a dinner party, or bringing your family together at the table for an everyday meal, you can make the occasion extra special with these tips.

Visit www.foodnetwork.com for more tips and recipes from Chef Michael Smith and Cascade Platinum.

A Giveaway

One lucky Raising My Boys reader will have the chance to host their own #SparklingClean dinner party with a bundle containing 3 tubs of Cascade Platinum! The giveaway is valued at approximately $57 and is open to Canadian residents only. Entries are via the widget below and will be accepted until 12:00 midnight EDT, July 27. Best of luck!


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