Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Resolve Gold Treats Tough Stains and Keeps Whites Sparkling

Back in my 20s I walked to work every day with a dear friend. Each morning I'd put on a pot of coffee and jump in the shower. She'd let herself in, and I'd find her at my kitchen table, enjoying a cup. And, as she often said, if she were wearing a white top, she'd soon spill that coffee down over herself. Did it just seem like a white top always meant a spill? Or was it a real phenomenon? I don't know, but I have to say I never saw her spill on anything else.

Spills lead to stains, and stains can lead to ruined clothing. That's particularly frustrating when the stain is on a favourite item, or an expensive one that will be hard to replace. Getting to a stain quickly is an important step to success, but we can't always act right away. We need powerful tools in our laundry arsenal to help us avert wardrobe disaster.

Resolve Gold In-Wash Stain Remover is said to be effective in removing a variety of laundry stains, including blueberry, coffee, grape juice, grass, beet juice, wine, and beef gravy. What's more, you can start to see results within about 30 seconds of pre-treating your stain. Naturally, I had to test out these claims with some stains of my own. And I made a video so you could see my laundry skills in action!
Nasty stains about to happen
Surprisingly, I didn't already have a stained shirt ready to go, even with a young boy in the house. I grabbed one of his white undershirts and got ready to create some stains myself. I figured it's only an undershirt, so it's ok if this doesn't work. I chose some common stains we see on his clothes - grass, blueberries and strawberries. For good measure I added red wine as well. I may be known to spill a spot of wine from time to clumsy time.

Resolve Gold comes in both gel and powder formats, and both can be used for either pre-treatment and/or as an add-in for the wash load. To pre-treat with the powder, you make a paste by adding a little water. But I opted for the gel. Also excellent to know - Resolve is safe for my high efficiency washing machine. Check it out -

I added a capful of Resolve to my wash as well, and the whites really did look great. Super bright and fresh.

And the stain comparison:

Are you as impressed as me?

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Resolve. All opinions on this blog, as always, remain my own.

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