Sunday, July 26, 2015

Lighten Your Wallet (In A Good Way) with UGO Wallet #UGOWalletStart

I am a big fan of rewards programs. If there's free sign-up, and I can earn points, cash, or receive discounts, I am in! It's a no-brainer for me - why not earn some rewards while I do the shopping I have to do anyway? PC Plus, Air Miles, Shoppers Optimum, Chapters Plum Rewards, Cineplex Scene - I have them all, and many more. I actually have so many rewards program cards that I invested in a separate wallet to carry them all. This helped with the weight and stretch of my regular wallet, but has meant I've missed out on rewards when I just pop into a store without my full purse on my arm. Plus, I still have to search and sort to find the correct card at the cash.

I need a better solution.

I think I've found that solution in UGO Wallet. This free app is available for Blackberry, Android, and iOS phones, and it serves as a virtual wallet for all your rewards and loyalty cards. The set-up process is super simple - register your UGO Wallet account and then use your phone's camera to scan and upload each card's barcode, plus an image of each front and back. You can then easily sort your cards to keep your most-used at the top of your list. When you hit the check-out, open the app, select your card, and present your phone for the cashier to scan. Easy-Peasy!

Start typing the name of your card, then select from the menu.

Tap "Front" and "Back" to take and upload images of your physical card.

Barcode is automatically detected and scanned for proper display.

Select your card and display for easy scanning by the cashier.
You can click on "Details" to bring up the front and back images if needed.

Suddenly there's a lot less plastic in your wallet, and you won't lose out on any rewards on last minute shopping trips. Because, as we all know, we NEVER leave the house without our phone, right? Another bonus - I installed this on my husband's phone, so now he can use my cards too, without having to borrow them every time. More points!!

Now, my big dream is to be able to leave the whole wallet at home. I can't wait for the day when I can pay for everything with a tap of my phone. And UGO Wallet is getting on top of that dream as well. With UGO Wallet on certain smartphones you can pay with just one tap anywhere you find Visa payWave or MasterCard PayPass, You can also get PC points with the same tap when you pay with your participating credit card at stores that support the PC Plus program. This tap to pay service isn't yet available on all devices, but you can check online to see if your device is compatible.

Unfortunately for me, UGO Wallet is not yet available for Windows Phones (keeping my fingers crossed!), but now that I've added it to the Hubs' phone, he can take full advantage of its benefits, and I can trade phones with him when I'm hitting the stores and want to keep things light.

Special Offer!

Sign up for your own UGO Wallet today and be eligible to receive a $20 Ultimate Dining Card! This card can be redeemed at a great selection of restaurants, including a few of my faves - Milestones, East Side Mario's and Swiss Chalet. This promotion is only available to Android and iOS users, and ends July 31, 2015.  Available while quantities last, so download today! Please visit for all the details.

Awesome right? Lighten your physical wallet, still have the payment and rewards cards you need, better organization PLUS a $20 dining card just for registering this week! Sweet!

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Happy shopping and earning!

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by UGO Wallet. All opinions on this blog, as always, remain my own.

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