Thursday, July 30, 2015

Scarborough Ribfest Comes to Thomson Memorial Park, July 31-August 3

Nothing says summer quite like Ribfest. Sitting in a park, covered in sticky BBQ goodness, enjoying music and sunshine and so very much great food. Ribfests are great opportunities to try out new flavours and munch down on some of the best BBQ you'll ever taste. This weekend it's Scarborough's turn to host ribbers from across Canada and the US, and you can check them out in Thomson Memorial Park, from 11am-11pm Friday through Sunday, and from 11am-8pm on holiday Monday.

The ribbers will be competing in various categories for the best ribs, pulled pork and chicken honours. Judges will be taste testing throughout the weekend, with the big winners announced on Monday. Each of the ribbers will be proudly displaying their titles earned at past events, and it's cool to see the decked-out stalls. But in truth all will have won awards, and all will be excellent - try a bunch and decide your favourite for yourself! For me? I like to go with a group of friends and everyone buys a rack from a different ribber. Then everyone gets to share and try out the different recipes. Over the years I've found I really like Bad Wolf. And Gator BBQ is great too.
Scarborough Ribfest 2010
In addition to an abundance of food, Scarborough Ribfest will have midway games and rides, merchandise vendors, and tons of musical entertainment. Of course there's also a beer tent so you can wash down your sweet or spicy ribs with a cold brew.

There are adult and kid karaoke competitions each day, a hypnosis show on Sunday, and many live musical acts, including a CCR tribute band Saturday night and Rolling Stones tribute band Sunday night. You can check out the entertainment schedule at:

We haven't attended this one in a couple of years, as it has conflicted with our Newfoundland vacation time, but this year we are leaving a little later in August, so we're stoked to get our ribs on this Saturday. Well, Boo is stoked to check out the midway. His dad and I are looking forward to the food.
Oh so long ago! Scarborough Ribfest 2010
Scarborough Ribfest 2015 runs from Friday, July 31, through Monday, August 3, at Thomson Memorial Park. The park is located at the corner of Lawrence Ave. East and Brimley Rd. Visit for all the details.

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