Monday, August 03, 2015

Hasbro Wants You to Get Your Family Game On! {Giveaway}

Guess what?! We have another new Monopoly game! Yes, we are obsessed with Monopoly around here, and this one was such a perfect fit for our family. Hello Monopoly Avengers edition!

Monopoly Avengers edition
The pieces for this version are all Avengers heroes. Boo chose his fave - Thor.
Board games are a great family activity, and a wonderful way to break away from the tech for a while. I grew up playing Monopoly, Risk, and Scrabble with my brother and parents, as well as other classics like Pop-O-Matic Trouble and The Game of Life. I am so pleased that both of our boys also love board games. When this new game appeared on Friday, Boo couldn't get it opened fast enough! So needless to say, this is how we spent our Friday evening, three of us gathered around the dining room table, competing to save the world from the villains.

How to host a great family game night? Well, first you have to make the time, which isn't always easy with our action-filled lives. Find a time when everyone is going to be home and set that time aside - make a date with your crew and put it on the calendar. In ink. Or even better, designate one night of the week and make that your recurring game night.

Snacks are important. Pop some popcorn, or grab a few bowls of pretzels, grapes, some cheese and crackers, or whatever your family likes best. Have everyone get their drinks, and then settle in. You don't want to have to keep getting up and down for refreshments.

Set up your game at the dining room or kitchen table so everyone has a chair and is sitting in a comfortable position to reach the board. Or at least that's what works for me. My aging back can't lean over the coffee table for long any more.

Choose a game that is appropriate both in difficulty and length for your kids, based on their ages and attention spans. I really like some of the newer Monopoly editions for this. Avengers plays really quickly, as does Cityville Monopoly. It's great for Boo's short attention span.

Take the opportunity to laugh and chat with your kids. Allow them to count out money and make change. Offer suggestions on strategy if they want, but let them make mistakes if they prefer to do it on their own. Board games offer so many opportunities for learning and development.

This is real face time! Get unplugged and enjoy!

Build Your Game Library

Right now is a great time to build your library of family games. Throughout the month of August, you can bring your Monopoly money into your local Toys R Us store and get an instant 20% savings on any Hasbro game! I know I've heard Boo say many times how much he wishes all our Monopoly money were real. Well, this is the next best thing :) And even better - any amount of the play bills will do, and you only need to show them, not cash them in. Take advantage now and broaden your options for your next family game night, or pick up a few games to poke away for Christmas (it's coming sooner than you think, and I am big on taking advantage of early deals.) 

A Giveaway

Hasbro is generously providing a great family game pack for one lucky Raising My Boys reader. The package is valued at approximately $100 and includes the following games:
MonopolyScrabbleGame of LifeTrouble, and Twister. Entries are via the widget below and will be accepted until 11:59pm EDT, August 23, 2015.  Giveaway is open to Canadian residents only, excluding Quebec. Best of luck!


Disclosure: I have received complimentary product as a thank you for hosting this giveaway and sharing the promotion. All opinions on this blog, as always, remain my own.

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