Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Enbridge Helps Make Birthdays Special #BirthdaysCount

I often joke that I no longer have birthdays - I refuse to get any older. But really, I love my birthday, and I always have. It's a day to celebrate me, and it's the one time each year that I truly crave the attention. Actually, friends and I used to joke about celebrating birthday eve and birthday boxing day as well, just to keep the fun going longer. I say, why not?!

Enbridge recently surveyed 1,022 Canadians aged 18 and up to find out how they felt about birthdays. Turns out that 80% of respondents agreed that celebrating simple moments like birthdays is important, especially as life keeps getting more complicated. I definitely celebrate them all, but the milestone birthdays deserve special attention. For my husband's 50th we went to Disneyworld, and enjoyed a fabulous meal at Shula's Steakhouse. For my 40th, we had a big backyard BBQ, filled with family and friends from all eras of my life. It was truly amazing.

Patio lights, streamers, and a personalised playlist
of music from the week I was born. Awesome!
Now, for those of you in the know, you will be thinking I'm crazy - my birthday is in January, and that's no time of year for outdoor celebrations. But I decided to delay my day and have a 40.5 birthday party instead. Think outside the box! You don't have to celebrate on your actual day - do what works best for you.

In a special celebration of me, my husband found the Hot 100 listing of top songs from the week I was born, printed it out, and created a playlist just for me. This was the soundtrack for our party, and was such a wonderful touch. 82% of Canadians apparently would agree with me that you feel special when someone puts a lot of energy into celebrating your birthday. This personalised aspect of the party really appealed to our guests as well.

When it comes to celebrating their own birthday the most important thing to Canadians is sharing it with family (87%). Sharing it with friends (74%) rates quite high as well. And of course you must have a cake! Enbridge's survey found that the birthday cake and candles ranked as the most important birthday tradition, chosen by 29% of respondents.

Think he thought no one would notice?
Enbridge may not choose the music or decorate the cake, but they provide the energy to bring those things to life. From fueling the decorative lighting, to running the stereo, to baking my big slab cake, Enbridge was kind of the power behind the party.

Have you seen their 100 Birthdays Video yet? This celebrates the power of birthdays and over 165 years of Enbridge in Ontario, delivering the natural gas that helps people create those special moments that mean so much. The video features 100 people, ages 1-100, each blowing out the candles on their birthday cake. In a beautiful compilation of warm faces of all ages, the video reminds us how important these special days are to each of us as we grow older. I dare you not to smile, or even tear up a bit, as you watch!

65% of Canadians make a birthday wish when they blow out their candles. (But remember, your wish won't come true if you tell anyone what it is.) Do you still make wishes over your candles? I wnat ot know.

Please join the conversation on social, and let us know what makes birthdays special in your life. Be sure to use the hashtag #BirthdaysCount.

Disclosure: I am part of the PTPA Brand Ambassador Program with Enbridge and I received compensation as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog,as always, remain my own.

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