Thursday, August 06, 2015

Loving Your Cat Meow and Furever: International Cat Day!

It's like his red velour throne.
My first pet cat was a little white fluff ball, not surprisingly named Fluffy. I was just a toddler when we got her, and I loved her all to pieces. Actually I may have loved her a little too enthusiastically as when she disappeared one day my father told me it was because I never let her have a moment's peace. Ouch. I guess he was having a bad day, and he apologised later. I was probably not letting him have a moment's peace at the time.  Fluffy was followed by Squeaks, Beauty, Whitey, a series of cats belonging to roommates, and eventually my babies, PJ Tricky and my sweet, departed Jezebel. I love my kitties, and I can't imagine my home or life without one. 

Actually, I am probably dangerously susceptible to becoming a crazy cat lady, and my husband has forbidden me to make any more visits to the local animal shelter. Or their website. But in all honesty, I would not bring a new cat home at this point, particularly not a kitten. PJ is 16 years old, set in his ways, and jealous of my attention. I wouldn't put him through it. He would be so very sad and I'm sure he'd feel betrayed. He shall spend the rest of his (hopefully many) remaining years as an only cat. 

And that means he gets all the special kitty love, with particular attention to this coming Saturday, August 8, which is International Cat Day! Hel-lo!  If anyone deserves a special day to celebrate how awesome they are, I think cats are the clear candidates. You know I have a relationship with Arm & Hammer, and am a big fan of their cat litter. So I'm sharing with you some information they sent my way to help ensure your cat is well taken care of to celebrate this "pawsitively" fantastic occasion!

With cats, a clean environment is key – so it’s crucial to maintain a tidy and comfortable space in their home. Arm & Hammer™ Clump & Seal™ Complete Odour Sealing Cat Litter provides a 7-day odour-free home, guaranteed – great for you and your cat! This revolutionary formula seals and destroys odours before they can leave the litter box. Its plant-derived particles help create rock hard clumps for easy scooping, and its fine micro-particles ensure ultra-low dust when pouring or scooping – this helps keep litter in the box instead of on your kitty’s feet. Plus your cat will love the new softer feel!
No odour, ultra-low dust, excellent clumping - that's what I look for. As PJ has aged, his urination has become more frequent (welcome to the club, right??) and I can hardly keep up with his litter box. Now, a great litter that seals in scent isn't an excuse to not scoop, but it is a huge benefit when a busy life gets in the way. PJ is getting better at reminding me to tend to his litter box, but he's nowhere near as good at it as Jezebel was. She simply refused to use a dirty litter box and would instead use the bath mat in front of our shower stall. Yep. Message received loud and clear.

Do you love cats as much as I do? In the spirit of International Cat Day, here are some examples of worldwide positive cat-titude:

A-Latte Love for Whiskers
Cat caf├ęs have become an international phenomenon – with cities like Paris, Berlin and Montreal pouncing on the bandwagon. Stop by for coffee and enjoy the company of new furry friends!

Cat Crazed
Search cat videos online and you’ll find endless results. That’s why many North American animal shelters annually host cat-themed festivals showcasing feline videos for a good cause.

On the A-List
Speaking of cats and the internet, this list wouldn’t be complete without Grumpy Cat. The Internet sensation has published books, won awards and posed for the cover of New York Magazine. She even has over 7 million likes on her Facebook page – talk about a cat leading the pack!

Fun Fact: Today, some cats are viewed as celebrities, but in Ancient Egypt, they were considered divine.[1]

Pet Ownership is the Cat’s Meow in Canada
In the never ending battle between cats and dogs, felines actually edge out canines. While 37% of Canadians own one or more cats, only 32% own a dog.[2]

Despite which furry friend you own at home, both cats and dogs are considered part of the family. Dog owners believe their pets offer them improved physical health while cat owners believe their pets offer them improved mental health.[3]

Do you have a cat or kitten in your life? How will you celebrate their special day? I think I'll plan to have a tuna sandwich at some point on August 8. PJ Tricky loves to drink up the water I drain from the can. It's his favourite treat - after catnip of course.

Disclosure: I am a member of the Church & Dwight Ambassador Program, and as such receive special perks, products, and other compensation for my participation. All opinions on this blog, as always, remain my own.

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