Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Healthy Eating is Convenient Too with Eat Smart Salad Kits #EatSmartVeggies

Eat Smart Salad Kits with Superfoods
Eat Smart Salad Kits come in several varieties, including three with great servings of plant-based protein
I am a healthy eater some days, and a seriously unhealthy eater on other days. I think in the end it sort of balances out. Maybe. Time, or lack of it, is the biggest factor in my unhealthy eating days. Grabbing something at the drive-through is quick if I'm out and about. Tossing something processed and prepared into the microwave is easy when I'm staring at a deadline. Creating healthy meals takes time, and unless I've put some prep time in on the weekend (ha!), there are days when I just don't have enough time to pull together something filling, tasty, and good for me. Especially at lunchtime.

Eat Smart  superfood salad kits are a great option. Everything you need for your salad is in the bag, already prepped and fresh for your enjoyment.  And the superfoods are a nutritional boost that will help to fill you up, with a satisfying texture, while getting important vegetable servings into your day. I discovered the Eat Smart Sweet Kale salad last year, and have been enjoying that one ever since. It's actually the only form in which I'll eat Brussels sprouts. The roasted pumpkin seeds and dried cranberries are a great addition, and I love the sweet poppy seed dressing.

I've now broadened my repertoire, as I received the full line to try out. I started with the Southwest Vegetable Salad Kit, which I had for lunch one day last week. Southwest/Tex-Mex is a fave flavour for me, and this salad did not disappoint.

Everything for the salad, from greens, to crunch, to dressing is in this one bag, making this a super easy and quick, complete meal.

I was impressed with the variety of vegetables in the salad mix, as well as with their crisp and fresh texture. The Southwest salad includes five superfoods - Savoy cabbage, red cabbage, radishes, carrots and kale. This is a nice mix of greens with other crunchy salad veggies. The bag also includes shredded cheese, corn kernels, tortilla strips, and a Chipotle ranch dressing, each in their own, separate packaging to keep everything fresh.

Looks delicious, right? I loved it. The tortilla strips and Chipotle ranch dressing satisfied my Tex-Mex craving with good flavour, not too spicy. Although I love spice, my salad isn't necessarily where I want to find it. Will this supplant my Sweet Kale? I don't know yet. I can have both, right?

Have you tried any of these salad kits? Which one is your fave?

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