Monday, September 28, 2015

Halfway There: Kitchen Renovation Survival #RMBReno

I know some of you have been wondering how the renovations are going, so here's a little update after the first week. What's been accomplished? Well, the cabinets are in, electrical outlets have been moved, a partial wall has become a full wall, my house is dirtier and more cluttered that it has ever been, and I am slowly losing my mind.

But it will all be worth it in the end, right?

This was Thursday I believe, the end of Day 4. Upper cabinets in, lowers in place but not secured. Pantry in. Friday was the lower cabinets and prepping for the countertop, which should arrive tomorrow.

I am in love with the cabinets. And, as you can see, we can still use the stove. We actually have had our stove and fridge throughout, though it's been awkward to get at them at various points, especially during the day when the contractors are here.

Light switch is still hanging out of the wall until the tile goes in. (Today maybe???) Saturday one of the guys came in for a few hours and prepped the walls for tiling and painting.

So it was quite the week. I almost cried when I walked in the door after Boo's karate class one night and saw the cabinets had arrived. I still walk into the half-done kitchen and sigh with contentment. The space looks bigger and happier and I can't wait to cook Thanksgiving dinner in there!!

In terms of surviving the reno process, flexibility has been key. When we first talked about this project, Hubs commented we'd be eating out every night. I said a quick "No way!" I planned to prepare some meals in advance, use the BBQ a lot and maybe have one dinner out. Well, life got in the way of pre-prepared meals, but we have cooked/grilled most nights. There have been a couple of evenings where the guys worked a little later and we just couldn't face cooking once they'd left, so we picked up subs or ordered pizza. Lunch has actually been more difficult. The guys do take a break, but the kitchen is fairly crowded with their stuff, so we've been opting for take-out a lot, especially if one of us has been out running errands.

I kept some dishes, glasses, mugs, and pots available, but the only space for them is the dining room. So we've been eating at the coffee table. Not the end of the world.

I've been washing dishes in the bathroom sink, which isn't easy, but it works. It feels really weird, but water is water, and a sink is a sink. Flexible.

And to save my own sanity I've become super flexible about cleanliness. Meaning there is none. Everything is covered in dust and dirt and yuck, in spite of the plastic sheeting the contractors hung. There is zero point in cleaning any of it, as I learned after my first attempt. So we are living in a dusty, cluttered mess until the kitchen is done. Once I get my sink back (Tuesday? Wednesday?) I can start washing all the things and putting them into their new homes. (Yay!) Then I can dust and clean and mop the main floor and get our house back in shape. But until then I've had to let go of my need for clean and order.

So, that's where we stand. I seriously hope that by this coming weekend I'll be able to show you final photos. Well, almost final. We are waiting for Home Depot to get our flooring in. It's on order and should arrive October 15 or so. The contractors will come back then to lay it down and add the kick plates on the bottom cabinets. And then we'll be done.

Wish us luck this week!

Update: So, after I published this yesterday, we got a call to let us know our contractor broke his ankle on the weekend. Yeah. Definitely focused on being flexible now. It's not clear yet whether they have someone to fill in, or how long he'll be off. Monday was a write-off, other than a couple of drawer dividers I picked up. Just got a call saying the counter guys will be here around noon to install the counter top, so today will be productive.

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