Wednesday, September 09, 2015

WW - In the Cockpit w/linky

Sometimes, when you're a cute kid who wants to be a pilot when you grow up, you still get to sit in the cockpit.


  1. I could never remember what all those buttons and levers and thingamabobs are. and since I say thingamabob I should probably never every try to fly. LOL
    I bet he loved being in there though.

    1. Ha! The pilot actually admitted that most of them aren't thingamabobs that they need to use all the time. That was a bit of a relief!

  2. I bet he enjoyed that, wow that is a lot of buttons, I think I would start getting anxiety small space and so many

  3. Very cool picture! I am sure this was so exciting for your son to be in the cockpit!


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