Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Panda Baby Update!

The Toronto Zoo released another baby panda video today. Because the Zoo is practising twin-swapping with the cubs, to give the best chance of survival for both, when one cub is with mama, the other is kept safe and warm in an incubator. What I find really lovely is that the incubator they are using has been donated by the Hospital for Sick Children. It's an old one they had retired from their NICU, but it's perfect for the wee cubs.

photo credit: Toronto Zoo
"The incubator is a critical piece of equipment that is being used by the giant panda team to give both cubs the best chance for survival," said Dr. Chris Dutton, Head of Veterinary Services at the Toronto Zoo. "I would like to express particular thanks to SickKids' Dr. Peter Cox and Mr. Navtej Virdi for arranging this important contribution."

Check out this little cutie!

The baby pandas and the incubator are currently in the maternity area of the giant panda house. Once the cubs are big and healthy enough to be own their own with Er Shun, the incubator will be relocated the Wildlife Health Centre. I wonder who it will nurture next?

The Zoo is posting regular updates on the cubs, and has a photo album set up for their baby pictures. Be sure to keep an eye on their site, and on Twitter @TheTorontoZoo to watch the babies grow.

photo credit: Toronto Zoo

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