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Hill's Science Diet Introduces Their Urinary and Hairball Health Formula #PetSmartLovesCats

orange tabby cat sitting outdoors
PJ Tricky. My prince on his velvet throne.
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I have always been a cat lover, ever since we got our first kitten when I was a toddler. She was a soft little white ball of fur we named Fluffy (original I know), and I adored her. As a teenager we had no pets, and I was desperate for a cat. So much so that I defied my mother's veto and snuck off to collect a 6-week old kitten from a friend whose cat had a new litter. And crashed the car on my way home when she tried to crawl out of her box. We both survived - both the crash and my mother's wrath.

That wasn't my most clever move, and I am now a much more mature and careful cat mom. Our cats now ride in proper carriers when they are in the car, keeping them safe and mostly calm. And regular veterinary visits, carefully chosen food, and a timely litter box routine are no-brainers. Although I will admit that the litter box is sometimes "out of sight, out of mind" when I get busy. My late girl, Jezebel, would make known her displeasure with the state of her litter by peeing on the mat in front of our shower stall. It was a clever and effective approach, as well as being appropriate - if her bathroom was dirty, mine would be too! 

I knew in Jezebel's case that she was making a statement, but if you find your cat is consistently urinating outside of his litter box, please connect with your vet! This is not normal cat behaviour and could be a sign of illness. Urinary infections are common in cats and in fact have been shown to be the #1 reason cat owners bring their pets to the vet (according to US pet insurance data 2012). 

Hill’s® Science Diet®, a leader in the pet food market for more than 70 years, has recently launched a new cat food formula focused on two of the most prevalent feline health issues - urinary health and hairballs. The Hill's® Science Diet® Adult Urinary Hairball Control provides balanced nutrition to support the health of the entire urinary tract, offering:

  • Optimal level of magnesium
  • Natural fiber to comfortably reduce hairballs
  • Clinically proven antioxidant benefits
  • No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives

This is a maintenance diet for adult cats, and is not designed to treat existing problems such as crystals. It is the only cat food on the market designed to address both of these key issues. I think it's worth checking out. Keeping our pets healthy and happy is a high priority, and starting with the right nutrition is key.
cat food bag image Hill's Science Diet

This Urinary and Hairball formula is available at PetSmart locations, and online at PetSmart.ca. Hill's recommends that you speak with your veterinarian to discuss the best food for your cat, so why not bring this one up at your next visit?

You can follow along with both PetSmart and Hill's on social:

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Facebook: PetSmart  Hill's Pet Canada

orange tabby cat sleeping on pillow
A healthy cat is a happy cat.
Comfy too.


  1. Your kitty looks so much like one of ours! We have been lucky so far with no urinary issues. Hairballs well our one cat is the queen of them! (Judy Cowan)

  2. My cats have always eaten Science Diet Hairball Control food. I'm so worried about UTI in male kitties so I want to feed them good food. I remember we had a cat when I was a kid (who looks like your kitty BTW) who got crystals in his urine. We treated it an he was fine but poor kitty. He died when he was 22 years old! :)


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